Weekend tidbits and more

How did Ole Miss do this weekend? To get an inside track on how the visits went this weekend and much/much more, read inside

The following information was revealed through our sources:

(S/WR) Allen Walker had an excellent visit, according to my sources. They believe Ole Miss now leads Florida for his services. This will be a close call, but as of now, they think Ole Miss holds the advantage.

(DE) Victor Thomas now has Ole Miss in a solid lead for his services, according to our sources. They were worried about MSU before he came on the visit, but they now feel like they are not as big of a factor as they thought they were before he came in for his visit.

(RB) Graig Cooper and his family were really shocked that Ole Miss was not as they had heard. Their family probably heard about all of the negative "myths" that we are all know about.

What surprised us is that our sources believe that Ole Miss now leads Miami and not Oklahoma State for his services.

In fact, they think OSU is now running in 4th place, behind OM, Miami, and TN.

I was told that Ole Miss would know where they stand when Graig gets back in from his Miami visit. If he does not come back from that official visit (which is next weekend) stating that Miami is his leader, they think Ole Miss signs him. It is that simple.

(RB) Dexter McCluster's game was described to me as another "Marcus Green". He is someone that is very shifty, quick, and has top end speed. In fact, he is quicker than Marcus but maybe does not have quite the top end speed that Marcus contains.

Dexter brought in both of his parents this weekend. For those that are not familiar with the rules with official visits, only the prospects are paid for. Therefore, that told Ole Miss right there that their family was very serious about Ole Miss.

Our sources are still concerned that Dexter will receive a lot of local pressure to stay committed to South Florida, but we shall see how this plays out.

Overall analysis

Our sources said things could have not gone much better. It was a breath of fresh air for Ole Miss to have every kid to come in that wanted to be there.

They felt like in the past weekends, there were a few kids who acted like they did not want to be there, but they genuinely thought each and every kid this weekend had a deep interest in Ole Miss.

I was told that they might not sign a one of them, but at least they know they brought in the right kids this weekend.

Other Tidbits

I keep hearing the name of (S/RB) Emanuel Cook popping up as a "must have".

Cook rushed for 242 yards and 4 TD's in the Class 6A state championship game and simply carried his team to the state championship in Florida's largest classification.

If Ole Miss were to not sign another RB in this class, Cook will most likely be moved to RB, if he were to sign with Ole Miss. If they do sign another RB, he will most likely play FS or OLB.

The biggest concern they have with Cook is Miami. The Hurricanes have not offered yet, but if they do, Cook will most likely accept their offer.

Right now, Ole Miss is a solid leader over Florida State(which they have offered), but the Rebs are keeping a close eye on Miami. Everyone is keeping their fingers and toes crossed that they do not offer.

Another tidbit about Cook, expect Emanuel to be named the Florida Class 6A Player of the Year!!

People have been asking about (QB) prospect, Joe Danna. A final decision has not been made yet about bringing Joe in for an official visit. Joe is a December prospect, so a final decision should be forthcoming very soon.

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