Where does Brandon Jackson stand?

Brandon Jackson (LB, Memphis, TN) - The last time we spoke to Brandon he was a little "confused" about his feelings towards Ole Miss.Has anything changed?

The following information was revealed during our interview with Brandon Jackson:

How did your scheduled trips to Bowling Green and Memphis go? "I am not going to Memphis until January 7th, but I did go to Bowling Green. It went good. They really impressed me because they have the major I am looking for in Aviation. They also have everything I need on campus. But the main thing is that I want to be a pilot someday, and they have a really great Aviation program."

Are you still on tap to visit Ole Miss this weekend? "I am not going because I have a wresting tournament in Milington this weekend. I have missed the last two matches because I was playing in the Liberty Bowl All-Star game last Saturday, and I went to Bowling Green the Saturday before. My wrestling coach really wants me to attend this match."

When will you reset your visit? "I have not sat down with them because I have not planned it out yet."

Has Ole Miss had an inhome visit with you? "They have not been in my house yet, but Memphis and Bowling Green have."

Has Ole Miss come to your school? "Coach Freeze came by last week."

What did he have to say? "He just basically asked me what I am was thinking and how I liked my trip to Bowling Green."

What did you tell him about your Bowling Green trip? "I told him it went pretty good because of their Aviation program. I even got to go up in the air in one of their planes. They have a nice campus and I liked it. I liked it, yea."

Did he ask you if you were still committed? "Yea, I am going to basically know by the end of the week if I am going to go to Ole Miss or not. Coach Freeze is coming by this week, and he is going to see if they have an Aviation program or not. That is the big thing with me. I want to get my pilots license. My ultimate goal is to fly for Fex Ed or play in the league. Either one would be nice."

Where does Ole Miss stand if they do not have an Aviation program? "They are going to have to show me something that would draw me there. If I just go there to play football, I am not getting any benefits. I need something that benefits me."

Brandon carries a 2.85 GPA / 20 ACT.

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