Coach "O" is headed West to see Rodney Glass

Rodney Glass (RB, Sherman Oaks, CA) - Rodney led Notre Dame to a 13 - 1 record and Championship appearance. Now Glass' season is over. It is time for him to focus on his recruitment.Which schools are in the running?

The following information was revealed during our interview with Rodney Glass:

Talk about your season? "We lost to Dominque pretty badly. We had 6 turnovers and 14 penalties in the game. You just can not win with that many mistakes. But, we finished 13-1 at Notre Dame and it was a good season until our last game."

How do you rate your play? "Pretty good, I had over 2, 000 rushing yards and 38 TD's for the year, but I do not know my exact rushing totals yet. It was well over 2, 000 yards. I do know that."

What most did you improve on this year? "A little in every field. I think I improved in all areas."

Any official visits lined up yet? "I have one visit set up so far, and that is with Arizona State for January 20th."

Who else will you visit? "Washington is the only one I know as of now."

Have you had any inhome visits? "Ole Miss, Arizona State, UNLV, and Washington."

Any set up for this week? "I have two. Coach Torme and their running backs coach came on Tuesday, and Ole Miss is coming by tonight. They are bringing in their head coach, Coach Orgeron and Coach Ryan Neilson."

What other schools are you considering for an official visit right now? "I do not know, probably UNLV and Ole Miss. I will probably talk to the Ole Miss coaches about it when they come. I have been talking to the UNLV coaches about taking a visit, but we have not set up anything yet."

What are going to be the main factors in your decision? "Just, well, possible early playing time. I want to go to a school with a strong educational background too. But basically, I am going to go where my parents want to see me go."

Do your parents have a preference? "No, they do not."

Will the distance be a factor? "They would like for me to stay close to home, but I do not think they have a preference."

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