Derrick Odom is still wide open

Derrick Odom (LB, Jackson, MS) -'s #25 nationally rated linebacker is still struggling to find his school of choice.Which colleges are still in the running?

The following information was revealed during our interview with Derrick Odom:

Did Alabama come by your house last night? "Alabama called me yesterday, and they wanted to come in today because I had Tennessee, Ole Miss, USM, and LSU in my house yesterday."

Is Coach Shula coming in for Alabama today? "I do not know who they are bringing in."

Rumors have you close to committing to Alabama; are these rumors true? ""Rumors of me committing before I take all of my visits are false. I can assure you I am not going to commit anywhere until I have been on all of my visits."

Where do you visit next? " "I moved my LSU visit to this weekend. I also moved up my TN visit to 1/13, and USM to 1/20. I am ready to get this decision over with."

Do you have a leader yet? "I am not leaning to any one school. They are all equal right now."

What are your going to be the main factors in your decision? "The three main factors in my decision will be academic support, which I think they all give about the same academic support. Some might have more money, but you have what you need at all of them. The second most important factor will be where I can start next year, and lastly, which environment I fit in the best."

Who gives you the best chance to start? "It is hard for me to say right now which school gives me the best chance to start next year. When I am doing my research, I am looking at who has graduated, who is coming back, and who they are going to sign. I do not have the numbers yet, but I feel like going in, nobody is going to outwork me, so. There are just a lot of things I have to look at."

Which school's environment do you like the best? "As far as environment, I have been to all of the schools multiple times but Alabama and Tennessee. I have only been two those two schools once. But, I think LSU and USM are probably the best environments for me. But at the same time, that is not going to determine my decision. I am going to look at everything since day one, like who has been with me from day one "

Who wants you the most? "I think Ole Miss wants me the most. That will play somewhat of a factor but not a huge factor in my decision."

Derrick carries a 2.7 GPA / 17 ACT.

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