Coach "O's" inhome puts Rebs back in the mix

C.J. Gable (RB, Sylmar, CA) -'s #6 running back in the country received an inhome visit from the head coach at Ole Miss yesterday.Did the inhome visit put the Rebels back in the mix?

The following information was revealed during our interview with C.J. Gable:

Have you had any recent inhome visits? "Yesterday, "Coach Orgeron from Ole Miss came to my house."

How did the visit go? "The visit went good. He just told me about their academic support. He said he was not going to try and force me to go there. He said he just wanted what was best for me. He even said he would not be mad at me if I went to another school, as long as that school had everything that Ole Miss has. I really liked his approach. I do not like to be pressured into anything."

What does your pecking order now look like? "Well, right now, I going to visit USC Friday. I am not sure now. I am thinking probably California and Ole Miss and USC, but I am not sure yet. It will probably be different after the (dead period) vacation."

Reports had you leaning towards USC; are they not true? "So far, USC is still ahead. I am going to USC this weekend to see if it is everything I am expecting it to be."

What will you be looking for while you are on your USC visit? "I do not know what I am going be looking for while I am on my visit at USC. I just want to see if I fit in with everybody over there, basically. I also want to look at their academic support, and see how well I get along with their coaches."

Are there anymore schools in the picture besides the three schools you listed? "Not right now, but that could change. I do not know. I will just have to wait and see how I feel after the vacation."

CJ projects as a full qualifier.

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