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Graig Cooper (RB, Memphis, TN) - Greg has become one of the more sought after running backs in the Deep South after he rushed for over 2, 000 yards (30 TD's) and led perennial power, Melrose, to the State Championship game.Cooper, or as most call him, "Coop", took an official visit with the University of Mississippi last weekend.We called to see how his visit.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Graig Cooper:

Have any awards started come out yet? "I was named Mr. Football in the State of Tennessee, and the Memphis Touchdown Club named me their Player of the Year."

Did you make it in for your Ole Miss visit? "Yes, I went last weekend and I am going to Miami this weekend."

How did your Ole Miss visit go? "It went great. I liked it a lot. We got a chance to tour their campus. My family and I talked to the head person that is in charge of their academics. We met with her for about two hours on Saturday. She answered all of the questions we had. We are really impressed with everything they have at Ole Miss, from facilities, academics, coaches, their food (laugh), and their players. It was just a wonderful trip. It could not have gone better."

Did anyone accompany you on your trip? "My father came with me."

What did your father think of Ole Miss? "He liked it pretty much. He liked their facilities, a whole lot. He liked the campus too. It is a quiet atmosphere. A place where you can really concentrate on your studies and football."

Was Ole Miss better/worse/or about what you were expecting it to be? "It was better because I did not know their facilities where that nice. I did not picture them to be like that. Their coaches were real friendly too. That helped out a lot."

Was this your first time to see Ole Miss? "Yes sir, I had never been there before."

What are some of the new things you learned about Ole Miss during your trip? "That their facilities are the best I have seen yet. That indoor complex they have is great. They have an indoor practice field, weight room, pools, offices with big screen TV's for every coach. A meeting room for each position with big screen Tv's in all of the rooms. Their locker room is in their indoor complex. They had some huge banquet room for dinners in their indoor. They had a study hall with individual rooms for you and your tutors in their indoor. They had a huge game room and hang out area for all of players in their indoor with big screen TVs everywhere. And their indoor complex connects to their stadium, so everything is in one place. I did not think it was going to be like that. That really caught my attention."

What separated Ole Miss' facilities from the other schools? "The way it is set up all together. You have the locker room, weight room, and practice fields all together. Tennessee has nice facilities too, but it is not tied together like Ole Miss'. I like how Ole Miss has their set up."

With school being out; how was the atmosphere? "There were still a few people in town, but it was not crazy or wild. I did not get caught up with people coming up to me. It was laid back. I could see everything pretty clearly."

Did you feel like you fit in with the players and coaches? "I believe I could fit in real good because they welcomed me real good. The coaches showed me they were really interested in me, and the players, if I had any questions, they would answer all of them. They did push them off. They made me feel real comfortable"

What did you and Coach Orgeron discuss during your meeting? "We talked about how long it would take me to get on the field. He said there was a good opportunity for me to come down and get some playing time as a freshman. We talked about the atmosphere when school is going on. I asked him do you get caught up in distractions when everybody is there, and he said no it was laid back, and I thought that was pretty good too."

Did he ask you where Ole Miss stands? "I told him this was my first visit, and everything went wonderful, and the visit could not have gone any better. The coaches were great. The facilities are great. My host was great. The academic advisor was great. Just the whole visit was great."

So where does Ole Miss now stand in your pecking order? "That is hard to say. They are still one of the top schools on my list, but I have not visited the rest yet. I can not say how the other universities are going to be, so I can not really say, but I liked what I saw down there. I know that."

Where do you visit next? "I go to Miami this weekend. I go to Tennessee (1/13) and Oklahoma State (1/20)."

Are you down to those four schools? "Pretty much, unless somebody sneaks in late, but them are the main ones. They have been with me since the start, so I am going to try and stay loyal to them."

Graig carries a 2.8 ACT / 16 ACT

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