4 Star OL will now sign in February

Aubrey McPhadden (OT, East MS CC, MS) - The former Florida State signee has announced that he will have to wait until February to sign his letter of intent with the University of Mississippi.McPhadden failed to graduate in December but will still have 3 years to play 3 at Ole Miss.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Aubrey McPhadden:

What have you been doing to keep yourself in shape? "I have been doing a lot of running and lifting weights, a lot."

What is your current size? "About 6' 6", 315."

What are you maxing out at these days? "I do not really max out much. I do more reps. I can bench 225 twenty five times."

How tough has it been on you having to sit out of football this fall? "Real tough. I have been trying to keep myself on a schedule mainly, but I am not on that football schedule, you know. I am not on my normal everyday schedule. That is the main thing. You just miss being on that football schedule, hanging out with the boys. But, I have been trying my best to keep my spirits up."

How is school going for you? "Well, I am going to have to come back in the Spring to take two more classes."

How disappointed are you? "Real disappointed. I mean, I am just ready to get out of here and play some SEC football. It feels bad, real bad."

When did you find out that you were not going to graduate in December? "Well, I had to take a couple of correspondence courses, but I did not have the money to take them, so."

When did Ole Miss find out about this? "They found out the week before last when they came down to my school and talked to me about my Biology course."

What was their response? "They said they were still 100% committed to me. That made me feel real good to know they would stick with me no matter what. It makes me want to work that much harder."

You will sign with Ole Miss in February? "Yes sir. I am signing with Ole Miss in February."

Did Korey Raymond graduate in December? "I think so, yes."

Will you come up to Ole Miss in January to help out with recruiting? "Yes, they want me to come up there on the second weekend of January to help out. I told them I would love to help."

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