Tennessee tries to jump into the picture

Nick Stephens (QB, Flowers Mound, TX) - Scout.com's #11 nationally rated QB prospect received a phone call from Ole Miss' former head coach, David Cutcliffe, on Friday. He informed Nick that he had a scholarship offer to play for the Tennessee Vols. Has this changed anything with Nick's commitment status?

The following information was revealed during our interview with Nick Stephens:

Have any of Texas' post season awards come out yet? "The district team was released. I made 1st Team All-District, but that is the only award that has been given that I am aware of."

Rumor has it that you have begun to receive some more offers? "Well yea, I got one from Washington State, Duke, La Tech, and Tennessee within the past couple of weeks."

Are you still solid with your commitment to Ole Miss? "Yes I am."

When did Tennessee offer you? "About three days ago."

Who is recruiting you for Tennessee? "Coach Cutcliffe calls me for them."

What were his selling points when he informed you of his offer? "They have heard about everything that is going on at Ole Miss, and he wanted to see if they had a chance."

What did you tell him? "I said I am not going to say no to anymore, because you never know what is going to happen, but I am still committed to Ole Miss."

What do you mean when you say, "everything that is going on at Ole Miss?" Really, just the offensive coordinator. That is the main thing. I just want to meet the new offensive coordinator and get everything rolling. It would be nice to see that happen soon."

The longer that it takes to replace their offensive coordinator; does that hurt Ole Miss? "I just want to know who it is going to be so I can get to know him and learn his offense. I am just ready to know who it is going to be."

Does Ole Miss keep you informed on the possible candidates? "They do not really say much. Coach Orgeron keeps it to himself. I do not really know of any of the candidates, to be honest."

Does Coach Orgeron discuss the style of offense he is looking for? "He wants to run the USC offense unless the new guy has something that works better."

Have you informed the Ole Miss staff about your new offers? "Yes, I have told them."

What was their response? "They know I am still committed."

Nick projects as a full qualifier.

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