Marcus Green is cleared by NCAA Clearinghouse

Marcus Green (RB, Bastrop, LA) - The wait is finally over for Louisiana's All-Time touchdown leader, as Marcus was cleared by the NCAA clearinghouse last week.Green will enroll at Ole Miss in January but he will have to wait until February to sign his letter of intent, per NCAA rules.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Marcus Green:

Are you set to sign with Ole Miss on Wednesday? "Actually, I am signing in February but I go to school on January 15th."

Why February and not December? "I do not know. It is just some NCAA rule because I signed last year."

Have you been cleared by the NCAA clearinhouse? "Yea, yes sir. I got cleared last week."

How does it feel? "Oh man, it felt good. I was really stressing the whole summer. It felt real good, really good. Now I am ready to go to school and start playing football again."

Did anybody contact you this fall when they learned you did not qualify? "Yes, a couple of schools called that I would rather not talk about. They just wanted to know if I would be interested, and I told them that I am strictly committed to Ole Miss."

What are your goals for spring practice? "I just want to learn the whole offense and make a huge impact. I want to get stronger, faster, and gain about 10 to 15 pounds in the Spring. Also, I want to help the team out. That is the biggest thing, just to help the team."

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