Clarence Bailey is still undecided

Clarence Bailey (OT, Lackawanna CC, PA) - The 1st Team JC Gridwire All-American selection has narrowed his list down to two schools.Which two schools made the cut?

The following information was revealed during our interview with Clarence Bailey:

Are you any close to a decision? "I will probably wait until Wednesday to decide."

Which schools are still in the running? "Ole Miss and South Carolina."

What are the sticking points? "Basically the same things. It is still between those two schools."

Did you visit anywhere this past weekend? "No sir."

When was the last time you spoke to the South Carolina and Ole Miss staffs? "Actually, I talked to them today."

Who did you talk to from South Carolina? "Coach Hunt."

What were his selling points? "There really were not any selling points. He just said I might as well come in and help the team."

Who did you talk to from Ole Miss? "Coach Orgeron."

What did he have to say? "He wanted me to come in and be an Ole Miss Rebel. He basically said the left tackle job was mine if I came."

What is going to be the deciding factor in your decision? "Basically who is going to help me and my family out the most. What is going to be the best decision for my family."

Are you leaning in any one direction? "No. I am more undecided than I have ever been. I am pretty stressed out right now about the whole deal. I really have no clue right now. Ole Miss and South Carolina are dead even."

Clarence is a December prospect.

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