"Don't worry, I will be a Rebel."

Jerrell Powe (DT, Hargrave, MS) - The Army All-American selection has stayed rock solid this year with his commitment to the University of Mississippi.Powe graduates from Hargrave on May 27th and will enroll at Ole Miss in June.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Jerrell Powe:

What is going on? "We are off for Christmas now. I am back in Waynesboro for a couple of weeks."

When do you back to Hargrave for the Spring semester? "On January 8th."

How did your fall semester go, academically? "I did good, man. I made what I needed to make in all of my classes."

How many classes are you taking next semester? "The classes go year round here. It is not like regular high school where you take them for a 9 weeks or a semester. They go year round. I am doing good though. There are going to be no problems with me getting out of here."

When do you graduate? "May 27th."

Talk about your combine numbers at Hargrave? "They measured me at 6' 3", 341. Some clocked me at 4.9 and others at 5.0 flat."

What about your strength numbers? "I benched 225 twenty one times."

When are you scheduled to come in for your official visit? "Me and John are coming on January13th."

Will you make it up to Oxford unofficially before you go back to Hargrave? "I do not know yet. If somebody gives me a ride, I will be up there."

Have you been working on any of your Hargrave boys? "Man, a lot of them have left now. Callahan Bright has left back for FSU, so. He was the one I wanted to play with. I just could not get it done. I have not been saying too much to Keiland Williams, but when I get back to school, I am going to have a sit down with him."

What happened with Matt Hardrick? "He has his mind made up now. He is going back to FSU."

Just curious, have anymore schools tried to contact you since you have been at Hargrave? "Man, I do not take anybody's calls unless they are from Ole Miss. I have not even spoken to another coach this year."

Who recruits you for Ole Miss now that Coach Luke is no longer there? "Coach Neilson. He is crazy, a funny guy. He is crumped like Coach Orgeron. Just always hyped."

What are your goals for your freshman season at Ole Miss? "I try not to get a head of myself, but I hope to have a good year. I try not to set goals, I try to make them."

Is there anything you want to say to the Ole Miss fans? "Yea, tell them don't worry, I will be a Rebel."

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