Anthony Dixon updates his top schools

Anthony Dixon (RB, Terry, MS) - The South Hot 100 Member finally had an injury free season this past year, and it showed statistically, as Anthony rushed for 2, 683 yards and 32 TD's. Now the focus has turned to where will Dixon take his talents to on the next level.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Anthony Dixon:

How did your official visit to USM go last weekend? "It went good, but I liked the Ole Miss visit better. It went good though."

What did you enjoy the most during your Southern Mississippi visit? "Probably just getting to know the players better than I did. I also enjoyed getting to know Coach Nix too. He is a cool dude."

What else is going on with your recruitment right now? "Right now, I have a 2 to 3 week period where I do not go anywhere, so I am taking a sit back approach. I am just chilling right now."

Give us a rundown on your top schools? "I still have MSU and Ole Miss ahead of everybody else, but I am keeping an open mind about all of the schools right now."

Who is in third place? "Probably Alabama."

Fourth? "LSU."

Fifth? "USM."

Did you have any inhome visits last week? "Coach McCoy (MSU) and Woods (Alabama) were at my school last week."

Which college is coming after you the hardest? "The same team since day one, Ole Miss. They recruit me harder than anybody. Always have."

Has Ole Miss closed the gap on MSU? "No sir, I have not compared them yet. I just know my likes and dislikes about them. MSU is still my leader."

What do you most like about MSU right now? "Probably Norwood leaving is the biggest thing. It is also close to home, and their program is on the rise. I would really like to stay in state and play, but I want to play for a good program."

What do you not like about MSU? "Well, I was thinking MSU was going to have to rebuild when I first got there, but now I feel like they are rising pretty good. Maybe they can win during my first couple of years there. It looks better than it did, but I will just have to research it a little harder when it comes crunch time."

What stands out about Ole Miss? "Probably Coach Orgeron and Hughes. I have known Coach Hughes since I was a little boy, so there is that comfort level with their staff. And when I went on my visit, I got a chance to kick it with some of their players too, and they were real cool. Coach "O" said they need a big back, so."

What do you not like about Ole Miss? "Same thing with MSU. The same thing, you know, just trying to find my right fit right now. I want to win."

Anthony carries a 2.5 Core GPA / 17 ACT.

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