Rebels lead for Ashton Henderson?

Ashton Henderson (CB, Tallahassee, FL) - One of Florida's most sought after corners has started to narrow the field quite a bit. How prominent is Ole Miss in the picture?

The following information was revealed during our interview with Ashton Henderson:

How did your senior season go? "It went pretty well. We made it to the 2nd round of the playoffs, but we got upset."

What were your stats for the year? "I had 8 total TD's, 3 int's, and 50 something tackles. I also had 19 pass break ups."

What most did you improve on this season? "Mostly using my size to my advantage. Like putting my body on people and making it harder for them to get to the ball."

Did you garner any awards? "I was Defensive MVP for our District, and I made the Wendy's High School All-American team. I have only received two awards so far, but the rest of them come out next week."

Have you set up your official visits? "I went to Ole Miss in October, and the rest of my officials are in January. I go to UCLA (1/13) and South Florida. I have not set that one up yet, but it will be sometime in January. I have two definite, but I have to set up two more."

Which colleges are you still considering for those last two visits? "Ohio State and I am thinking Oregon or Arizona State for that last one. I am pretty sure Ohio State will be one of them though. I just have to decide on that last one."

Which colleges have given you a written offer? "Arizona State, Ohio State, Ole Miss, UCLA, Michigan State, Oregon, and man, it is hard for me to think of everyone. Some of the Florida schools too."

Have you received any inhome visits? "Ole Miss came by my house. Duke came in. I am trying to think who else came in. That is it so far. After Christmas, there should be a lot more because it will be crunch time."

Which college is coming after you the hardest? "I have to say Ole Miss. They are really after me hard. Every advantage they get, they take advantage of it. They call me every week to make sure I am doing good in general, besides football and school and stuff like that."

Do you have a leader yet? "Ole Miss is still at the top of my list, but I have not seen everybody else yet. If I had something to compare them to, I could give you a better analyst, but they are the leader right now."

What will you be looking at while you are trying to compare the schools? "A place where I can be happy after the football season is over. I want to get a good education and go to a place where I can get home for the holidays. I do not want to be too far out, where I can not get home."

What distant range are you looking for? "I mean, distance is not really a big factor, it is where I feel wanted, and I can contribute right away. I do not mind distance at all, if UCLA or Oregon or any school that far away feels right, I will go."

Ashton carries a 3.67 GPA/20 ACT.

To view Ashton's video, please visit his web page by clicking here.

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