Where will Brent Schaeffer land?

Brent Schaeffer (QB, College of Sequoias, CA) - Scout.com's #1 juco prospect in the country has four schools he is keeping a close eye on.Which colleges are the running?

The following information was revealed during our interview with Brent Schaeffer:

Talk about your season. "It was alright. We went 8 - 3. We played in a Bowl game, but we did not win it all, so I am satisfied at all with how it all turned out."

What was your offense ranked in the country? "We led the country in total offense."

What were your personal stats? "I had 2, 970 passing yards and 42 TD's. I also had in the high 800's in rushing yards and 10 TD's."

What most did you improve on this year? "Probably my arm strength. I got it up a little bit, because I am a lot stronger and bigger now. I really improved a little on everything though."

Which awards did you receive this season? "I was named the Valley Conference Player of the Year, Regional Player of the Year, California Player of the Year, and I am not sure if the National Juco Player of the Year has come out yet. I did make 1st Team All-American too."

Talk about the transition from playing in the SEC to playing on the juco level. "It was a good experience. It was different from D1, but it was a good experience. It makes you appreciate playing on the D1 level though."

Which colleges have you taken an official visit with? "N.C. State (12/2) and Wisconsin (12/9)."

Where else do you plan to visit? "I am going to Ole Miss on January 13th."

Will that be it, as far as your official visits? "I will probably go to Kansas State on January 20th, but I am not sure on that one yet."

Talk about your North Carolina State visit. "I mean, really it was the same as it was in high school. But, I did get a chance to meet their new offensive coordinatot. I liked him."

What stood out the most about N.C. State during your trip? "Just talking to their offensive coordinator. I also know a couple of guys on their team from high school and just the area."

Talk about your Wisconsin visit. "It was a good visit. I also got to talk to their coaches and some of their players."

What did you enjoy the most during your trip? "Just seeing their facilities and talking to their coaches. I also got a chance to watch them practice. That is what I enjoyed the most, seeing how they practice."

While you go on these official visits; what are you keeping an eye on? "My relationship with their coaches and players, and just seeing how much the players like it there."

Which colleges have come to the College of Sequoias to see you? "The ones I have mentioned and a couple of different schools have come through there and talked to me briefly. They just wanted to know if they had a chance or not."

Which college give you the best chance to come right in and take over the QB duties? "I think the school that I could take over for next year would be Ole Miss or Kansas State. Maybe Wisconsin too. They are pretty much even in that catagory."

Which staff have developed the tightest bond with? "Probably Ole Miss...and N.C State...and I would say Wisconsin too. They are pretty much the same. I have known Coach Bielema (Wisconsin) since he recruited me while he was at Iowa and Kansas State, so I have probably known him the longest. But, I would put Ole Miss and North Carolina State on the same level."

Talk about Ole Miss. "Ole Miss, they have a real good quarterback situation for me. It is in the SEC, which I like a lot. The thing with Ole Miss is that they are recruiting a lot of juco players. I do not know what they have overall, but I know they have a real strong defense, but they are trying to get better on offense by recruiting a lot of juco players."

Is that important to you; having a school signing a bunch of juco players? "Yea, that is a positive because that means they are bringing in experienced players. I am a juco guy too. I do not have the luxury for them to develop players because I only have two years left."

You stated before that you wanted to stay in the SEC; how important is that for you? "I would love to play in the SEC again, but I would not say it is as important as it use to be."

What questions do you have about Ole Miss? "Are they going to have the players? Is their coaching staff going to be there for the next two years? And who is going to be their offensvie coordinator?"

Are you concerned that the current Ole Miss staff might not be there in two years? "I am mostly talking about Coach Mazzone. I just do not want to start over each year."

What style of offensive coordinator are you looking for? "Just a real aggressive one."

Explain a little further. "I do not want to play in a system where they get a 7 point lead, and they try to sit on it and hold the lead. I want to push it up field and play all out. I am not looking for a 10-7 type of offense."

Do you have a wish list, as far as who you would like to see Ole Miss hire as an offensive coordinator? "No, I just want him to be real agressive."

What are your questions concerning the N.C. State program? "Their players. They lost a lot of good players to graduation."

What do you worry about Wisconsin? "The same thing. They have a lot of offensive players leaving. A lot of wide receivers graduated, and they need some running backs. Who are they going to bring in to take their place?"

Do you keep up with who these schools are recruiting? "Oh yea (laugh), just a little bit."

When it comes down to decision time; what will be the three main factors in your decision? "For one, the coaches. For two, the players. And lastly, the offense."

Deep down, do you have a good idea on where you want to go? "No, I want to take all of my visits first. I am going to just keep an open mind and go on all of these visits and then I will make a decision."

Brent is a May graduate and will have 3 years to play 2 on the next level.

Here's your chance to catch the five-star prospect in action, in this exclusive video from Sunshine Preps!

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