Hayward Howard has two schools on his mind

Hayward Howard (DL, Eastern Arizona CC) - Hurricane Katrina effected many people in different ways, just ask the former 2005 Michigan State signee, Hayward Howard

"I got eligible, but I never received my letter from the (NCAA) clearinghouse, so I enrolled at Eastern Arizona CC. By the time I found out I was eligible, it was too late. Michigan State had already started their season, and I had already started my season," commented the matter of fact Hayward Howard.

In an "awkward" fall to say the least, Hayward made the most out of a shortened season..

"I had 96 tackles in the five games I played in. I was going to receive the All-Conference award, but they said there was a rule where you had to play in more than half of the games to be selected. I was named the #3 juco prospect in the country though."

Howard claims offers from Oregon, Oregon State, Auburn, Ole Miss, Marshall, Nebraska, Kansas, Kansas State, and Tennessee.

Which schools will Hayward officially visit?

"I have been to Auburn (12/16), and I go to Ole Miss on January 6th. Oregon State, I do not know the exact date, but I am probably going there. I am suppose to go to Nebraska, but I have to be in school by January 17th."

Does Howard have anyone at the top for his services?

"Auburn and Ole Miss right now are the two main schools. Oregon State is still not out of the picture, but it will most likely be Auburn or Ole Miss."

Which position are Auburn and Ole Miss recruiting Howard to play? "Auburn likes me for defensive tackle and offensive tackle, but Ole Miss just likes me at defensive tackle."

What position does Hayward prefer to play on the next level?

"Defensive tackle, no doubt."

What other factors will be weighed when it comes decision time?

"Just when I can play. I will look at how many seniors they have in front of me. I will also see where I can get my degree the fastest. I want to major in Business Management."

Which college presents him the best opportunity for early playing time?

"Both of them are losing two senior defensive tackles. They are leaving for the NFL."

Has Hayward looked into the business programs at each school?

"When I went to Auburn, I heard they had a nice business program. It is well recognized. They said it was the #5 ranked business school in the country. I will get a chance to see Ole Miss' when I go on my visit."

Has any one coach stood out during the recruitment process?

"Not yet. I have known Coach Wilson (Ole Miss) because he use to coach at O. Perry Walker. We use to play them every year, but that is about it, " commented the former Carver High product.

Howard is eligible to sign in the early signing period which runs through January 14th. He will have 4 1/2 years to play 3.

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