Anthony Boudreaux's recruiting profile

Anthony Boudreaux (OL, Dodge City CC, KA) - Anthony signed with LSU in the class of '03 but failed to qualify. He recommitted to the Tigers last February but both parties backed off, and he is now exploring his options.

Player Profile

Height: 6' 8"
Weight: 360
Bench: 415
Squat: 700
Grades: May

From: Chalmette, LA
Junior College: Dodge City CC

The following information was revealed during our interview with Anthony Boudreaux:

What are your strengths at offensive tackle? "My strengths, I like to pass block and run block too. I like to pancake my guy. I love to go up against the little ones, like the safeties and linebackers. I just put them right on their back."

What do you need to work on for the next level? "I am just trying to get a little more quicker and more aggressive with my hands."

Tell us about some of your high school accomplishments. "I was named District MVP my senior year. I made All-State, Parish, and all of that stuff."

You signed with who out of high school? "LSU. I didn't qualify, so I was looking for a good juco to help me out. Everybody said they would help me at Dodge City CC, so that is where I ended up."

Talk about your freshman season. "We lost in the first round of the playoffs. I made Honorable Mention All-Conference, and I started all 10 games."

And this past season? "We made it to the championship game this year. We also beat the #1 team in the country. I had 60 pancakes and made Honorable Mention again."

Which colleges are you hearing from? "I do not know. I talk to so many schools. Every day, somebody new calls me and I be forgetting."

Which colleges stand out right now? "Florida, probably Georgia, LSU, Kansas State, and that is about it."

Have you lined up your official visits? "No have not.

Which colleges have you talked to about visiting? "I have not talked to anyone about visiting."

Which colleges have offered you a scholarship, in writing? "LSU, Kansas State, Auburn, and I think that is about it."

You were once committed to LSU, right? "Yea, but I am not too sure if I want to go there now."

Did LSU back off a little because you did not graduate in December? "Yea, that pretty much made me mad."

When was the last time LSU was in contact with you? "I can not even tell you. They came up to Dodge City to see me practice and play. I can not tell you the last time we talked though. It has been a while."

Who else has visited you at Dodge City? "Auburn came to my dorm before we got out for Christmas break. Troy State, Missouri, Louisville, Texas A&M, and La Tech. That is about it."

Have you developed a tight bond with any of the coaches? "Really, I have not developed a tight bond with anybody yet because I do not talk to anyone like that. My second cousin, Frank Wilson, coaches up at Ole Miss now. But we really do not talk like that."

When was the last time Ole Miss contacted you? "It has been a while, a long time. I hear from them, but not often."

Who is recruiting you the hardest? "Kansas State."

What attracts you to Kansas State? "I just like, well, they got a player from Dodge City and he gets a lot of playing time. I figure if I go there, I will get a lot of playing time."

When was the last time Georgia was in contact with you? "I have not heard from them since before Christmas."

Why do you like Georgia? "I just like their colors, really. Their colors really get to me."

What about Auburn; how long has it been since they last contacted you? "I have not heard from anyone since before Christmas."

What stands out about Auburn? "I just like their style of offense. They have everything balanced."

Lastly, what are LSU's positives? "I like LSU because they are in Louisiana, and all of my family played there, so I will probably be the next one."

Does LSU still tell you that you have a scholarship waiting on you? "Oh yea, they still want me."

When do you expect to graduate? "In May. I am taking four classes this Spring, and then I will be out."

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