4 Star DT is still up for grabs

L.T. Walker (DT, Wynne, AR) - Scout.com's #32 nationally rated defensive tackle has visited Ole Miss and Louisville and will take an official to Tennessee, South Carolina, and Memphis in the month of January.

The following information was revealed during our interview with L.T. Walker:

Have any of the awards started coming out yet? "Yes sir, I was named 1st Team All-Conference and 1st Team All-State at defensive tackle. Those are the only ones I am aware of for now."

What part of your game improved the most this season? "My leadership. With me being a senior this year, I had to be more vocal and more hands on as a leader."

Give us your official visit schedule. "I went to Ole Miss (11/18), Louisville (12/16), and I am going to South Carolina (1/20) and Tennessee (1/27)."

Who will get your last visit? "I think I might be going to Memphis on January 13th."

Talk about the differences between Ole Miss and Louisville during your official visits. "Well, Louisville, I really got to watch them practice and at Ole Miss I did not. Ole Miss, I got to watch their game, and I saw how their coach's reacted during the game. It was all right."

Did your parents accompany you on both trips? "Yes sir."

What do you look at while you are on your official visits? "I look at their academics and how their atmosphere is. I am trying to see if I could spend the next four years there or not."

Compare the atmospheres from the two official visits you have taken so far. "Ole Miss had a game, and I got to go to the Grove. It was wild. The atmosphere was great. Louisville was all right, but it was more calm. Ole Miss I got to go the game and it was real live."

Have you researched the academics with each school you are considering? "Yes sir, very much. I looked at a couple of them. None of them have real bad academics. They all give you good support. It is just up to you to take care of your business."

Where do you stand academically? "I have a 2.9 Core GPA and a 19 on the ACT."

Lets say you like all of the schools' academic programs and atmospheres equally; what will you look at next? "I will probably look at how I think my career would go at that school. I mean, does that school have a lot of players in front of me where I will have to redshirt and wait around for a couple of years before I really contribute? I do not want to redshirt and get bigger/stronger and all of that. I can do that while I am playing."

Which school gives you the best opportunity for early playing time? "I know Ole Miss lost their whole defensive line to seniors. I did a little research with all of the schools, and Ole Miss' gives me the best chance to play early"

Have any head coaches been to your house yet? "Just Coach Orgeron (Ole Miss). He is the only head coach to come by."

What did he tell you during your visit? "He told me he is about to turn his program around. He wants to find some hard nosed football players to jump on board and help him win. He said I had a real good chance to play in my first year and help his team win."

Did he ask you to commit? "No sir, coaches sometimes, they are not going to pressure you, but you know they really want you to commit."

Will you take all of your official visits before making a final decision? "If I feel like the moment is right, I will do it. But, I have all of these visits lined up just in case I need them."

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