Kendrick Lewis is going back home

Kendrick Lewis (WR, Gainesville, GA) -'s #34 nationally rated receiver has decided to move back to New Orleans and graduate from his old school, O. Perry Walker.

"Yea, I am going back home. I am going to graduate with all of my boys. I just miss everybody over there so much. I moved my stuff back to New Orleans before Christmas. I just left back to Georgia a few days ago to play in the North/South All-Star game. I am going to spend a few days with my mother, and then I will be back in New Orleans for good. I am lucky that the Gainesville people took me in as one of their own and helped me and my mother out during a tough time for us. I owe a lot to the Gainesville community. I wish everybody over there nothing but the best, , but I need to get back to my people," commented the emotional Kendrick Lewis.

Lewis had over a 1, 100 yards receiving and 16 TD's in just nine games of action, as he transferred in to Gainesville in late September. Did he garner any awards for his play?

"I made 1st Team All-State and 1st Team All-Region. I do not know about the other awards yet. Like I said, I got to play in the Georgia All-Star game, and I had 3 catches and 1 TD in that game."

Kendrick was just effective on the defensive side of the ball this past season as he led their team in interceptions, with four, in seven games of action. Where does Lewis think his talents are best fit for?

"I feel like I am good at both, but I am best at wide receiver."

Lewis had scheduled official visits with Tennessee (1/13) and South Carolina (1/20); has anything changed?

"No sir, I still plan to go on both visits."

Have any new schools tried to come into the picture lately?

"MSU and Southern Mississippi have offered me this month. USM wants me to come down there for a visit. I do not know if I am going to or not."

What does Kendrick's offer list look like now?

"Ole Miss, South Carolina, Tennessee, USM, MSU, and Auburn and LSU offered me this summer, but I have not heard from them in a while."

Does Kendrick still feel committed to Ole Miss?

"Yea, for sure. Nothing has changed. I am still committed."

What will Lewis compare while he is on his official visits?

"Everything, I have got to compare them to everything that Ole Miss has. Their academic program and just how well I fit in with their coaches and players. That is the main reason I committed to Ole Miss because I feel so comfortable with their coaches and overall environment."

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