Hodge still ‘in' with Rebs

Shay Hodge (WR, Morton, MS) - Morton WR Shay Hodge is sticking with his early commitment to Ole Miss. His visit to Southern Mississippi was "nice," but Ole Miss is more "like home" to him.

Multi-purpose athlete Shay Hodge, an Ole Miss football commitment from Morton who wants to play wide receiver in college, is currently averaging 20 points a game from his point guard slot on his high school basketball team, but the results of the team have not been very satisfying.

"We are 4-10, but we have lost our last five games by one point," said Hodge. "We just haven't been able to get over the hump, but I think we have all the pieces of the puzzle in place to finish strong."

For the time being, his recruitment as a football player has kind of taken a back seat.

"My visit to USM was nice. The coaches there are good guys and I felt good there," he said, "but I am committed to Ole Miss and am looking forward to getting there this summer."

There was talk a few weeks ago about Shay taking a visit to Alabama, but he says that's probably not going to happen.

"Ole Miss is the school paying the most attention to me, even though I have already committed. They (Coach Tony Hughes) comes by as often as the rules allow and I get called once a week," he noted. "I know Deuce (McAllister) very well and he went there and had a great career. That's good enough for me."

The fact the Rebels do not have an offensive coordinator - yet - is not a factor with Shay.

"I'm not concerned with that. Ole Miss will get one soon and he'll be a good one," Hodge closed. "I know Coach (Ed) Orgeron wants to have a balanced attack and that means plenty of action for the wide receivers. That's all I need to know."

Shay had an outstanding senior campaign where he hauled in 49 passes for 1, 100 yards and 21 TD's in his first year at wide receiver. What made Shay's transition from quarterback to receiver go so smooth?

"Shay is a natural at receiver. He is a competitor and great in the open field with the ball in his hands. He is also good at going up and getting the ball. Shay is a basketball guy, so he can really go up and get it," commented Mortan's head coach, David Parker.

What about the mother's perspective on how her son's recruitment is going?

"It is fine. I really am enjoying it," said the personable Victoria Hyatt. "We had a good visit with Coach Hughes today. He spend some time with Shay, and then he spent some time with me. I found Coach Hughes to be a very likable guy. I really enjoyed his company. We are looking forward to our visit to Ole Miss on January 13th. He has a basketball game that night, so we will not be getting up there until later on that (Friday) night, but there is not much time left to visit, so they let us go ahead and do it this way. Coach Barnes is going to get us some tickets to see the Ole Miss/MSU basketball game that Saturday. I have never been to an Ole Miss basketball game, so I am really looking forward to that game."

Does Shay's mother still feel like her son is going to play both sports at Ole Miss?

"Yes, he is going to play both. Coach Orgeron and Coach Barnes both said he could do it as long as he keeps his academics up."

Rumors had it that Alabama was trying to get Shay in for an official visit?

"I have not talked to Alabama lately. We went up there for Jr Day last Spring, but that is about it. After he verbally committed to Ole Miss, that put a glitch with all of them. They are not going to let him play basketball and football either. We thought it was a pretty school though. They have a very pretty campus," commented Shay's mother.

Are there any colleges who are actively recruiting Shay besides Ole Miss?

"We went to USM two weekends ago. That was OK, all right. I see Coach Hopson called today on our caller ID, but we were not home. Tennessee has been calling a lot. They want him to come in for an official visit. They offered him a scholarship a while back. They said he could play both sports like Ole Miss, but he would sign a football scholarship," stated Victoria Hyatt.

Does Shay's mother still feel like her son is firmly committed to Ole Miss?

"Oh yes, we had some doubts after Coach Mazzone was let go, but I think everything is OK now. He still plans on signing with Ole Miss."

If there are any worries about Ole Miss with the Hodge family; what are they?

"I hated Coach Mazzone was let go because we had such a close bond with him. But, Coach Orgeron is a good guy too, so we are OK with it. The deal with Coach Mazzone is personal, but I just want them to get a good QB in place that can dish the ball around. It does not matter how good Shay is, if he does not have a QB to get him the ball, he will not be able to contribute much. Now, I do not know about Shay (laugh). He thinks he can do everything in the world. Shay thinks he can get in there and play QB if it comes down to it. You know he played three years at quarterback. Shay just thinks he can do it all," said the laughing Mrs. Hyatt.

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