Keiland Williams narrows it down to three

Keiland Williams (RB, Hargrave, VI) -'s #7 nationally rated running back prospect received an inhome visit from Ole Miss' head coach on Tuesday and narrowed his list down to three schools Which colleges made the cut?

The following information was revealed during our interview with Keiland Williams:

Have you received any recruiting calls since the end of the dead period? "Ole Miss came by yesterday. Tennessee also came by. Virginia Tech is coming by on Thursday. LSU wanted to talk to my mother, but she was at work, so they did not get a chance to come by."

Who came from Ole Miss? "Coaches Ed Orgeron and Frank Wilson."

What did they have to say? "We just sat down and talked with Frank (Wilson). My family has always had that bond with Frank (Wilson) and Coach "O" (Orgeron) because they are both from Louisiana. We talked about how wonderful it would be if I went to Ole Miss and my chances of going there. I told them I pretty much narrowed it down to Ole Miss, USC, and LSU. There is a possibility Tennessee might get my last visit, but I am really not sure if I am going to take it not. Those three schools are the main ones now."

What were Ole Miss' selling points during their inhome visit with you? "Just how it is up there. It is nice. It is not a real big campus like Florida, LSU, or Tennessee, but I like that. Everything is real easy to get to, and everybody knows each other because it is smaller. But the thing that attracts me the most to Ole Miss is Coaches Orgeron and Wilson. They came from nothing like me, and had to fight for everythign they got, just like me. I think we are a lot of like. I think I would fit in well with their coaches and players. I just get that homy feeling from Ole Miss."

Which colleges have brought in their head coaches for inhome visits? "Only coaches Orgeron and Fulmer. Coach Fulmer came by my school, and Coach Orgeron is the only one that has been by my house."

Have you informed the colleges outside of your Top 3 that you have pretty much narrowed it down to those three schools? "Not really. The schools I was considering for my 5th official, I never told them I would take one with them. I was just considering it, but I have pretty much narrowed it down to those three now."

What sticks out the most about USC? "I mean, I guess their success and another thing, Coach Carrol's excitement for the game. When he talks about football, he gets all excited. I love coaches who are real hyped up. I just love it. In any competitive sport, you have to have that swagger. Any high school player would get fired up if they had a chance to go to USC."

What most do you like about LSU? "I grew up just 45 minutes from LSU's campus. I have always watched them growing up. I have also developed a good relationship with Coaches Miles, Porter, and Dumbar. If I were to go there, my mom would not have to drive hours to see me if I needed anything. You know, you go through a lot of problems in life, and it is always good to have your mother close by."

Keiland will graduate on May 27th from Hargrave.

To watch Keiland on film, click here.

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