Jamie Mitchell talks about Markeith Summers

Markeith Summers (WR, Olive Branch, MS) - Olive Branch's head football coach, Jamie Mitchell, talks about Ole Miss' most recent commitment.

Markeith Summers averaged over 31 yards a catch this season, so what exactly makes Markeith so explosive?

"I think he is a picture perfect example of what a college wants in a receiver. If you drew one up, you could not do any better. He is tall, fast, and I think the strength he has that will be very noticeable and very quick, is his hand strength. They are phenomenal. You see him catch so many balls because he has such strong hands. He simply rips it away from the defender. I think people will understand that pretty quickly about Markeith," commented the quotable head coach from Olive Branch, Jamie Mitchell.

What are some Markeith's other strengths?

"He plays the ball in the air so well. He uses his body. He really understands how to shield the defender with his body. And another thing you will find out is how well he can go up and get the ball. It does not hurt that he is 6' 3". I think playing receiver is a lot like rebounding in basketball. You throw it up and you see who can come down with it. And I can promise you one thing, Markeith is going to come down with it nine times out of ten. I have never coached or coached against a prototypical receiver like Markeith. If you drew up a model, he is what you would want."

What will Markeith have to work on for the next level?

"We were a spread offense. He is use to running routes and catching balls. But Ole Miss runs a different offense. He is changing offenses. He will have to understand hot reads and improve on his secondary coverages. He will have to continue to work in the weight room and continue to build."

In the end, why did Markeith choose Ole Miss after entertaining scholarship offers from Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, LSU, MSU, Arkansas, Texas, and Tennessee?

"Markeith and Allen are very/very/very close. As things unfolded, they decided they were going to go together. I think they have been an Ole Miss lean for a very/very long time. They felt like they could stay close to home, play together, play early, and both be successful at Ole Miss. I think those were the deciding factors for them."

How solid is Markeith with his commitment to Ole Miss?

"Well, I think Coach Miles found out today how solid he is. LSU was pretty disappointed in his decision, but like I told Coach Miles, Ole Miss simply dug their roots too deep for anybody else to get them. Markeith is a man of his word. I would be shocked if he signed with anybody else."

Where does Summers stand academically?

"He has 66 units on the ACT. He needs 68 units to be a full qualifier. He is two units away. We are waiting on the results from the latest ACT test he took. He has a 2.5 Core GPA. That is how close he is. Markeith just needs to make a 1/2 more point on the ACT test to be good to go."

To watch Markeith in action, click here.

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