Rebs snag one of Florida's elites

Jamal Harvey (WR/S, Jacksonville, FL) - One of country's top prospects committed to Ole Miss today over Florida State and South Florida.

What does Jamal Harvey do best on the field?

"He can play on either side of the ball, wide receiver or defensive back. He has great speed and instincts. He can play corner or safety. He is just a very solid player, " commented the head coach from Andrew Jackson, Kevin Sullivan.

Did Harvey receive any awards for his play this season?

"He was named to the Times Union's Supper 11 Team last year and this year. He was a 1st Team All-Conference pick the last two years, and he will probably make the All-State team when it comes out next week."

What were Jamal's stats for the year?

"He had 25 catches for 400 yards and 12 TD's on offense, and he had 65 tackles and 5 interceptions on defense."

So which position does Coach Sullivan predict Jamal to play on the next level?

"He will play safety at Ole Miss. That is where he is best suited to play, safety. There is no question in my mind about that."

Why did Jamal choose Ole Miss?

"It was tough on him. Florida State made a strong push, and South Florida was a high up there too. But, his cousin and best friend, Michael Hicks, goes to Ole Miss. Ole Miss has been on him from day one. And you need to tell all of these people this, for everybody that is taking pot shots at Coach Orgeron, you tell them they are a fool because he is going to turn that thing around and in a hurry. I have known coach Orgeron for a long time, and I will you this, there are not many people who know the game of football like he does. He will turn it around and quickly too. I think Jamal liked Ole Miss because he can play early, play with his best friend, and get coached by quality coaches. I have known Coaches Hughes and Lubick at Ole Miss for a while too. Ole Miss just has a great staff. I just have a strong trust with that staff."

Jamal is on track to become a full qualifier.

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