Rebels land former Tennessee signee

Todd Cox (LB, Memphis, TN) -'s #9 nationally rated LB prospect for the '05 class signed with Tennessee out of high school but was never cleared by the NCAA clearinghouse, so he had to enroll at Pearl River CC.

Todd did not want to waste a year of eligibility at Pearl River CC so he redshirted. When he came home for the Christmas break, he found out that his high school forgot to type in four classes on his transcript that he took by correspondence. He notified the NCAA about the error, and he was cleared by the NCAA this afternoon.

Cox has committed to play for Ole Miss and will enroll in January. He will have 4 1/2 years to play 4.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Todd Cox:

We hear you committed to Ole Miss? "Yes sir."

Why did you choose Ole Miss? "It is close to home, and I was told I would have a chance to play early if I came there."

When will you be eligible to start playing? "I am starting this semester. I am moving there this weekend, and I will go through spring practice."

You signed with Tennessee out of high school? "Yes sir."

What happened? "When I went to juco, I had time to think about it. I figured I had a chance to play earlier at Ole Miss, so I made a change."

What happened with you getting denied for admission out of high school? "I took four correspondence courses and my high school stapled them to my transcript instead of typing them. Therefore, I had to go the juco route for a semester."

Have you been cleared? "Yes sir."

When did you get cleared? "Today. Coach Freeze informed me about it a few hours ago."

Who else was recruiting you before you deciding on Ole Miss? "Well, just Ole Miss really, but then I got in contact with Alabama. Nobody knew where I was. Sparky Woods (Alabama) knew I was at Pearl River CC and he was calling me, but I wanted to go to Ole Miss."

You never played at Pearl River CC? "No sir, I redshirted so I could keep my four years when I got to the D1 level."

Who offered you out of high school? "Wow, let me see. Oklahoma, Ole Miss, USC, LSU, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, MSU, Miami, Florida, FSU, Louisville, and Kentucky."

Did you garner any awards after your senior season? "I was named to the Tom Lemming All-American Team, and I was runner up to Mr. Football to Michael Oher, who also goes to Ole Miss."

Who were your finalist? "It went down to Ole Miss and Tennessee, but I knew I was going to Tennessee the whole time. I grew up wanting to go to Tennessee. Coach Orgeron came to my house the day he was hired, and he really got me to thinking about them pretty hard. This time he got me (laugh)."

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