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Brent Schaeffer (QB, College of Sequoias, CA) - How does it feel to be the mother of the number one juco prospect in the country?

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"Tiring," stated a laughing Schandra Schaeffer. I tell you. Coaches are calling. Coaches are coming to your house. You son is calling. He is confused. It is crazy.

And while Mrs. Schaeffer laughed her way through the conversation, you knew she was serious at the same time.

"Oh yea, it wears on all of us, but we know we are blessed at the same time. God just gave Brent the ability to do a lot of things. We are blessed for that."

So which coaches have come through the Schaeffer household this week?

"Ole Miss was in here tonight. Wisconsin and North Carolina State also brought in their head coaches this week."

Who came in for Ole Miss?

"Coaches Tony Hughes and Lubick. Coach Lubick has been here a few times already."

Has coach Lubick visited Mrs. Shaeffer while Brent was in California?

"Yes, several times."

Is that unusual?

No, we have had several staffs come by while Brent was in school."

What did the Ole Miss staff have to say during their inhome visit?

"They basically said the things. That Brent is a good QB, and they would like to put him into their system. Basically what everybody says. You have to understand, all of these visits kind of run together after a while. They all say the same things."

Is her son any closer to making a decision?

"We have one more visit left. Brent visits Ole Miss on January 13th, and then he will make a decision."

Is Brent anxious to find out who Ole Miss' new offensive coordinator is going to be?

"Well, kind of. But mainly, he still wants to see what their facilities are like and what they offer academically. If they do not have (an offensive coordinator) in place when he visits, then he wants to meet with him before he signs."

Has Ole Miss informed the Schaeffers of the offensive system they plan to run next season?

"It is open. They do not know right now because they do not have a coordinator, but with Brent's ability, it does not make much of a difference because he can run or throw. He can do well in any system."

The style of offense is not a factor for Brent?

"To my knowledge, Brent does not care."

Have the Schaeffers built a special bond with any one staff?

"They have the same things to say. So no, not me personally. Not a bond where I say you are going here. It is his decision. He has to live with it. After the first time, he has learned a lot. It is totally up to Brent. My only thing is education, and I think they all have quality programs. He could not go wrong with any of the school's academic programs. They are all good, very good."

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