Derrick Davis & Cordera Eason going together?

Derrick Davis (RB, Meridian, MS) - Mississippi's 2004 1st Team All-State running back for all classifications had to sit out this season due to a knee injury but feels like he is "85%" back.Now his focus has turned to where he will take his talents to for the next level.Who are the main players?

The following information was revealed during our interview with Derrick Davis:

Have you had any inhome visits this week? "No, I have not been home, we are in Shreveport at the (Max Emfinger) All-American game."

Are you playing? "No sir, they selected me for the game, but I am just watching."

When are you going to get cleared by your doctor to start playing again? "It should be when I get back in town. I have to pass this one last test, and then I will be cleared."

How far along has your knee come? "I would say I am about 85% to 90% back."

Anybody else from Mississippi playing in the Max Emfinger All-Star game? "(DB) Allen Banks from Gulfport is here. (CB) C.J. Bailey from Moss Point is here. (LB) Martez Smith from Velma Jackson is here. And my teammates, (RB) Cordera Eason and (LB) Roshaad Byrd are here."

How is your recruitment going? "Crazy, just crazy. A lot of colleges are still calling and coming by."

Who are the main players? "Ole Miss, Auburn, and MSU."

Which college is coming after you the hardest? "Ole Miss and Auburn."

Out of those two, who wants you the most? "Probably Ole Miss."

Have you set up your official visits? "I got one up with Ole Miss for next weekend (!/13). Me and Cordera are coming up there that weekend."

What stands out about Ole Miss right now? "I just like their coaches and the opportunities I would have at Ole Miss."

What is the number one thing you like about Auburn? "I just like how they run the ball. They have a great running game."

Do you and Cordera still want to go together to the next level? "Oh yea, most definitley."

Is it real important that you two go together? "Yea, where I go, he goes or where ever he goes, I go.. We have already made a pact. We are going together."

Derrick carries a 3.1 GPA / 18 ACT.

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