Jamie Mitchell talks about Allen Walker

Allen Walker (Ath, Olive Branch, MS) - Scout.com's #7 nationally rated safety prospect committed to Ole Miss last Tuesday.

What makes Allen Walker so special?

"Allen is a guy that came into the year as the only guy playing on both sides of the ball. (Editors note - Allen had 69 tackles, 2 sacks, and 1 interception for the season at linebacker. He also had 18 receptions for 385 yards and 8 TD's at receiver for the 2005 campaign). As you know, our team is loaded with D1 talent, so that tells you about his athleticism. Allen has more upside than any player I have ever coached or coached against. He is the most talented player in Mississippi, in my opinion. And the great thing about Allen is that he can play receiver, cornerback, free safety, strong safety, and I think eventually, he could grow into an outside linebacker for Ole Miss. I think the value of a guy like that is so crucial for any program. He is just a tremendously gifted player. You are talking about a guy that was one of the Top 20 prospects in the country by Sports Illustrated. He was an All-South pick by Countdown to Signing day. He was a 1st Team All-State selection for the past two years. And the thing about Allen, he is just as good of a kid as he is a player," commented the always quotable head coach from Olive Branch, Jamie Mitchell.

What does Allen do best on the field?

"I think he is going to be more physical than any player you are going to sign. He is already 6' 2", 210. With a guy that size and with that speed, he is gong to get on the field in a hurry for Ole Miss. He also has a great nose for the ball."

What will Walker have to work on for the next level?

"Probably more than anything else, he needs to get an understanding on where Ole Miss wants to play him and how they are going to use him at that position. I know they have talked to him about playing some receiver, safety, and even linebacker. Once that decision is made, as to where he will play, he can learn about all of the finer points about that position. You have to understand, Allen has been a two way guy for us since he got here. The kid has played receiver, cornerback, safety, strong safety, linebacker, and even some defensive end for us. Allen has never had the luxury of staying in one spot where he could really learn the position. I think once he does that at Ole Miss, he will dominate in the SEC."

Which position does the head coach from Olive Branch foresee Allen playing on the next level?

"I really think strong safety, but he really could grow into an outside linebacker before long."

Why did Allen choose Ole Miss after being offered by every school in the SEC and many more of the nation's top programs?

"I tell you what, I do not know I would wish what I have seen go on around here the past month on my worst enemy. This past month has been really ugly, as far as I am concerned. There has been a lot of negative recruiting going on. I just wish these kids did not have to go through this. But, we have been blessed to have these type of athletes in our program. There is a reason why these coaches want these kids so bad. They can flat out turn your program around. They are what you call program builders. Allen has been recruited by every major program in the South and many of the top programs throughout the country. He is our most highly recruited player to ever come out of Olive Branch. I think Ole Miss has been with him from the beginning. He knows he can play right away, and can be successful there. And it is only 45 minutes down the road. His family and friends will have a chance to watch all of his games. I think those were the deciding factors in him choosing Ole Miss. He has been leaning towards Ole Miss for a long/long time. It was just a matter of time before he finally made up his mind."

Where does Allen stand, academically?

"He has a 24 on the ACT test. With that ACT score, all he needs is a 2.0 Core GPA. He is well over that. There will be no problems with Allen qualifying."

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