Nick Stephens talks about Rebs' new OC

Nick Stephens (QB, Flowers Mound, TX) -'s #11 nationally rated QB prospect received word on Monday that Ole Miss hired a new offensive coordinator. How did this affect Nick's commitment to the Rebels?

The following information was revealed during our interview with Nick Stephens:

What are your thoughts on Ole Miss' new offensive coordinator, Dan Werner? "I can not wait to meet him when Coach Orgeron and him come to see me. It will be great to get to know him."

When is Ole Miss coming to your house to introduce their new offensive coordinator? "They have not given me an exact time, so I do not know yet. I am suppose to call Coach Orgeron in the morning. We will probably work all of that out when we talk again."

Do you know much about Dan Werner? "Yea, I have watched Miami a lot, definitely. I know what he is all about, for the most part, so I am pretty excited about him coming to Ole Miss."

Did Coach Orgeron discuss the offense that Dan Werner was going to run? "Yea, when I called him to ask about the new hire, he told me they still planned to run the USC offense. Nothing is going to change, as far as the scheme he wants to run."

Did Tennessee come to your house last week? "Yes sir, Coach Cutcliffe and Coach Luke came by."

How did the inhome go? "It went well. My high school coach came to my house, and we all sat down and got to know one another. We talked for a while. It went well."

Rumor had it that Tennessee was in your house for up to five hours; is this true? "I do not know. It was for a couple of hours. They were trying to get to know my high school coach and my parents. I did not time it or anything, but they were in here for a while."

Has Tennessee gained some momentum for your signature? "I do not want to close the door on them right now. I am pretty sure I am going to Ole Miss, but just in case, I do not want to tell them they do not have a chance."

Are you still committed to Ole Miss? "Yes, definitely, absolutely. I have been committed to Ole Miss the whole time. I am just looking around a little bit, but I am still committed."

Are you talking to anymore schools besides Tennessee and Ole Miss? "No, Tennessee will be my last official visit."

Can Ole Miss talk you out of taking your official visit to Tennessee? "No, I already promised them I would visit. I can not go back on my word. I am leaving on Friday, so."

Has Ole Miss asked you to not take your official visit to Tennessee? "No, they believed what I told them. They know it was unstable with the coaching search. They understood where we were coming from. We are just looking around just a bit. It is no big deal. They know I am still committed to them."

Have any state awards come out yet? "Yes, I made 2nd Team All-Region and 1st Team All-District. The rest of them have not come out yet."

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