What do the Schaeffers think of OM's new OC?

Brent Schaeffer (QB, College of Sequoias, CA) - We were able to get a hold of Brent Schaeffer's mother, Schandra Schaeffer, to get her comments on Ole Miss' new offensive coordinator.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Brent Schaeffer's mother:

Did you hear about Ole Miss' new hire at offensive coordinator? "Yes, I sure did. I thought it was a good hire. With us being from Florida, we know all about Miami."

What did Brent say about the hire? "He did not say much. He just said he would like to sit down and talk to him. He did say he knew him when he was at Miami. He has watched Miami, of course, for a long time."

Did Miami recruit Brent out of high school? "Yes, but they recruited him as an athlete, so he kind of shied away from them."

I hear Virginia Tech is making a strong push to sign Brent; is this true? "Yea, they have called and come by (the house), but he has not set up (an official visit) or anything with them."

Is Ole Miss still Brent's only official visit scheduled for this month? "Yes, that is all that I know of. He said he can not wait to see Ole Miss' campus even if they would not have had an offensive coordinator in place. We called coach Hughes today, and he let us know that the rumors were true, that they hired Miami's offensive coordinator. He briefed us on what they wanted to run. We will get a better grasp on what their schemes are going to be like when we come over there this weekend."

Brent is scheduled to graduate in May and will have 3 to play 2."

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