Bryant Miller set to come to Ole Miss on 1/20

Bryant Miller (DE, Miami, FL) -'s #28 nationally rated defensive lineman participated in the CA/FL All-Star classic that was televised by Fox Sports on New Year's eve.

"I played in the FL/CA game, and I am playing in the Dade/Broward game on January 15th. The CA/FL game, the players were so good, you just could not make a name for yourself. I mean, everybody was good. I have never seen that much talent on the same field before. The weather was terrible. It was hard to get your groove on, but it was like that for everyone. I am not making any excuses," stated the matter of fact Bryant Miller. "I am just trying to stay active. I have been practicing every day for these bowl games, and then I am predicted to win the state in the discus and shot put. I am just staying busy, man, just real active."

Where will Bryant take official visits to this month?

"I am going to Auburn (1/13), Ole Miss (1/20), Michigan (1/27) and then I am suppose to visit South Florida . I will be honest, I do not know the exact dates, but I am going to South Florida maybe for a midweek visit or something. All I have been doing is trying to stay in shape. There is so much more out there than high school football. It is time to take it to the next level."

Did any colleges come by Bryant's house or school last week?

"I did not have anybody. Wait, yes I did. I saw Coach Graham (Auburn), but I see him every week. I saw Coach Tub (Auburn) too. South Florida and Michigan also came by (the school). By signing day, the decision I make will hopefully be a good one."

Which college is showing Bryant the most interest?

"I have to say Auburn. Auburn and Ole Miss. South Florida too. Those three, yea."

What stands out about Auburn?

"I just like their staff. I like what they stand for. They have an excellent defense and depth chart. I can see myself in the rotation next year if I went there. I really do. My top schools are Miami, Auburn, Michigan, South Florida, and Ole Miss. Those are my top schools."

Will Bryant visit Miami?

"No, they have not even asked me to."

When was the last time Miami called Bryant?

"I talk to Miami every once in a while. I do not know what to say about that."

What are Michigan's positives?

"The same things, Michigan is an up and coming program. They are playing in bowl games. They have a good defense, a strong defense. The same with every school I listed. They all have strong defenses. If I mess up, somebody else has my back. Defense wins championships, and I want to play for a team that believes in the same things I do."

What about Ole Miss' positives?

"Again, the same things. Coach Orgeron is a defensive guru. He has sent a lot of players out of Florida to the league, like Warren Sapp and just a bunch of them. It is just a great school. They are doing pretty good, and they are looking for me to come in and play next year."

While Miller is on his official visits; what will he be comparing?

"Playing time. The atmosphere, and I have to feel wanted. I want it to be like a second home for me. That is about it and their academics."

Does Bryant know deep down where he wants to go?

"I am very unsure. I really do not know yet. I wish I did. That is the frustrating part about it. Everybody talks a good game to you. But when you get up there (on the visits), you will really find out. That is why I want to go on all of these visits, to really find out what they are about."

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