Jarius Neal has three on his mind

Jarius Neal (LB/SS, East Central CC, MS) - The Rebels are getting close to finishing out their '06 class, but one position they would like to shore up before the call it a day is linebacker.

With the uncertainty surrounding Todd Cox's and Rory Johnson's grade status, added to Patrick Willis' pending decision on whether he will enter the draft or not, Ole Miss is looking to add another linebacker or two to this class.

One that they have been eyeing for a while stars for East Central CC, Jarius Neal.

Jarius is what you term as a true "athlete" but the Rebels project Neal to play linebacker on the next level.

We were able to get a hold of Jarius' head coach, Terry Underwood.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Terry Underwood:

Talk about Jarius as the person. " He is a great kid. Jarius is a very well mannered kid. He treats people with respect, and in return, he is well liked by his peers. Jarius is just fun to be around. He never disapoints you with his bahavior. As a person, he is a very dependable guy, just a quality individual.. As a person, he is a very dependable guy, just a quality individual."

Where does Neal come from? "He played at Pickens County (AL). He is from Reform, AL. It is on the AL/MS state line. It is not a very big school, only like 30 - 35 players on the team, but year in and year out, they churn out some great athletes. Jarius played QB/S/ KR/PR for Pickens County. He kind of did it all for them."

What kind of size does Jarius bring to the table? "He is 6' 3", 218 the last time we measured and weighed him. Now, that is a legit 6' 3", if anything, he is a hair over 6' 3".

What did Jarius play for you this past season? "He played free safety, but he actually played quarterback for us as a freshman. We ran the option but decided to go in another direction this year, as far offensive schemes. We put him on defense, and he led our team in interceptions with 8 and had 53 solo tackles and a bunch of assist. I think he was the best safety in our league."

Did he garner any awards? "He made 1st Team All-State, Region, and he was selected to play in the MACJC All-Star game. His peers voted him Team MVP and Defensive MVP. He was also an Honarbale Mention All-American."

What are Jarius' strengths on the fields? "He is just such a great athlete. He is probably the best overall athlete I have coached in my 21 years. He is the the best total athlete because he can do so many things. Now I coached a WR who might have been a better player, but Jarius can play and succeed at QB/WR/S/or even OLB or ILB. He is just the best total athlete I have coached in my 21 years on the juco level."

How did your season go? "We went 3-4. It was just a wierd year for us because of Hurricane Katrina. We did not even play a home game. Our stadium was ruined by the hurricane. I do not know, it was just a strange/strange season for us."

Who are the main players for Neal's services? "Texas A&M, Ole Miss, and USM. There are some more schools who would love to ink him like West Virginia, Iowa State, Marshall, Baylor, and it just goes on and on. But, A&M, Ole Miss, and USM are his top schools, as far as I know."

Has he taken any official visits and will he take anymore? "He has already been to Texas A&M (12/9). As far as the other visits. I am not sure if he is going to go because I think he is leaning towards Texas A&M. Personally, I would be surprised if he did not go to A&M, but that is just my opinion. Who knows, maybe he does end up visiting Ole Miss and USM. He just does have anything lined up as of now."

When is Jarius scheduled to graduate? "In May."

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