Ashton Henderson is a wanted man

Ashton Henderson (CB, Tallahassee, FL) - Ashton is one of the "hottest" prospects in the Sunshine state.He recently picked up offers from Ohio State, Oregon, USM, Clemson, and Maryland, along with his previous scholarship offers from Ole Miss, Michigan State, UCLA, and Arizona State.Where does Henderson now stand?

The following information was revealed during our interview with Ashton Henderson:

Have any awards started to come your way? "I was named Defensive MVP for District 3(4A). Our banquet is this Sunday, so I will find out the rest of them then."

What does your visit schedule look like? "I am going to UCLA this weekend and Michigan State after that."

Are you in talks with anymore schools about visiting? "Not really. That will probably be my last visit, and then I will be ready to make a decision."

Who are the main schools that are in the running for your services? "Ole Miss, UCLA, Michigan State, and Ohio State. I might visit Ohio State on the 27th, but that is really late. I am still debating if I will do that or not."

What will you be comparing while you are on your official visits? "I am looking for some kind of family. I want to see if they treat me like Ole Miss did. How I fit in the depth chart, and will I be happy with their program."

Has Ole Miss given you a deadline on your decision? "Not really. They do not want to put any pressure on me, but they probably will want to know where I stand, especially after this (UCLA) visit. They are going to be tough to beat. I just need someone to compare them to."

Did you have any inhome visits last week before the dead period started? "USM brought their head coach to the home. We talked for a couple of hours at my school and then we went to my house. Coach Lubick from Ole Miss came. Coach Mesmere from Michigan State came by, and Maryland brought their head coach by. Oh yea, Clemson brought their (head) coach too."

Did they offer you a scholarship? "Clemson, Maryland, and USM all offered me."

What did Coach Bower from USM say to you? "They were telling me about how their coaches had been there for 12 years together. That really impressed me. They also told me about their graduation rate and how their players excelled and went to the next level. That is what they were talking about."

Did they ask you to come in for an official visit? "Yes sir."

What did you tell them? "I told them I would think about it, but Michigan State won the visit. I am going to Michigan State on the (January) 20th instead."

What did Clemson say to you? "They came to talk to me, but Coach Lubick was already talking to me. He just said something to me briefly before me and Coach Lubick went away and talked."

What was Coach Lubick telling you? "We just talked about how school was going and how things outside of football are going. We have a relationship beyond football. We are real close."

Do you have the tightest bond with Coach Lubick out of all of the coaches? "Yes sir. We just kind of hit it off from the start."

Ashton carries a 3.67 Core GPA / 18 ACT.

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