Timmy Bailey talks about Ole Miss visit

Timmy Bailey (LB, MS Delta CC) - The 6' 3", 245 pound chiseled framed linebacker prospect took an official visit to Ole Miss this past weekend.We called to see how his visit went.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Timmy Bailey:

Did you make it in for your official visit to Ole Miss? "Yea, it went pretty well, but I am going to MSU next weekend. I have not made a decision yet."

What were some of the things you were looking for at Ole Miss before you came on your visit? "To be honest, I got hooked up with this visit at the last minute. Someone said to try it out. I did not know what to really expect, but I am glad I went."

Did anyone accompany you on your trip? "No, I came by myself."

Was the visit better/worse/or about what you were expecting? "It was better. I did not know what to expect. There were some big time recruits in there, but everybody still knew who I was. They made me feel wanted."

What did you learn about Ole Miss during your trip that maybe you did not know from before? "Just how committed the people are. The people at Ole Miss love their football. I want to be in a program where I am wanted. The chemistry of the teammates jumped out at me too."

Who was your player host for the weekend? "Nate Bank. Nate is real cool. He took me under his wings and just showed me around."

What did you enjoy the most during your trip? "The energy that Coach Orgeron has. He is a real fired up guy. I have a lot of respect for that guy."

How did your meeting with Coach Orgeron go? "It went really well. He has a lot of respect for me coming from Iraq. We are two grown men, so we had that bond, that chemistry. I do not know. There is just something I can not put a finger on with Coach Orgeron. I just like him a lot, but it is hard to explain why."

What did you two discuss? "He told me that my future is great. He said I am a NFL linebacker, and he would do everything he could to get me to that next level."

Where does Ole Miss now stand with you? "You know, like I said, it is good right now. But who knows? I am going to MSU next weekend, but I was real impressed with Ole Miss."

Are you in talks with anymore schools besides Ole Miss and MSU? "Alabama had been calling, and they wanted me to come in for a visit, but I decided I want to stay in Mississippi. I guess you can say I canceled them."

You attended Riverside in high school? "Yes sir."

And what was the biggest award you won while you were in high school? "I was named the MS Player of the Year by RedZone. That was probably my biggest accomplishment. I also won Mr. Riverside that was voted on my peers and teachers. That was really more special than my athletic award."

Talk about your freshman season at MS Delta CC? "Well, I had 95 tackles and 3 sacks. I was named 2nd Team All-State."

Then you decided to go to Iraq? "Well, I did not exactly decide to go, I had to go (laugh)."

Talk about that experience? "Well, it was a culture shock when I got there. It was very different. It did not take long for me to adjust though. When your life is on the line everyday, you learn real quickly what to and what not to do."

When do you graduate? "In May."

How many years do you have left for the D1 level? "I have 3 to play 3."

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