Duke Calhoun updates his favorites

Duke Calhoun (WR, Memphis, TN) - Duke took an official visit to the University of Tennessee over the weekend.We called to see how his visit went.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Duke Calhoun:

How did your visit to Tennessee go? "It went pretty good."

Rate your visit? "I would give it an 8."

Did anyone accompany you? "My mother and stepdad went with me."

How did they like it? "They liked it pretty good."

What most did you like about Tennessee? "The NFL rate of receivers that come out of Tennessee."

How did your one on one meeting with Coach Fulmer go? "It was nice. Coach Cutcliffe printed from the internet the number of receivers that have been sent to the pros by all of the schools that are recruiting me. Tennessee had the most. That was the biggest thing they kept telling me over and over."

Now that you have visited Memphis, Ole Miss, and Tennessee; which players and coaches did you fit in the best? "I liked all of them, but I would have to say Ole Miss'. Me and Michael Oher are both from Memphis, and that is my boy. Coach Orgeron is also real outgoing. He is nice, and I just feel good around him."

Do you have a leader? "It is the same. Everybody is about the same."

What do you most like about Memphis? "The coaching staff and playing early is a guarantee. It is also close to home."

What about Ole Miss? "I like how they are real young and building. That would be fun to be a part of. It is not too far from home either."

And Tennessee? "Their stadium, 104, 000. I also like the rate of WR's that are going into the NFL. Playing for Coach Cutcliffe would be pretty cool too."

Where do you visit next? "I go to TSU and then Arkansas the weekend after."

Duke carries a 4.0 GPA / 24 ACT.

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