Seigal talks about Brent Schaeffer

Andy Seigal, who coaches at College of the Sequoias, has become one of Brent Schaeffer's main advisers. He met with Brent this morning about Brent's visit to Ole Miss last weekend and was gracious enough to share some thoughts with us. Read about it inside.

If anyone knows what Brent Schaeffer, Ole Miss' top prospect this recruiting season, is thinking, it is probably Andy Seigal, who coached him at College of the Sequoias this year and has become an adviser to the talented signal-caller during the recruiting process.

Seigal was kind enough to give us some thoughts on Brent after meeting with him this morning in his California office about Schaeffer's visit to Ole Miss.

"Brent really liked his visit to Ole Miss. He was impressed with what the coaches are doing there," Seigal began. "He liked the players he met and the coaches.

"Really, he's all messed up again. I think he went there with a leader in mind and wanting to make up his mind by Wednesday, but Ole Miss has made it tough on him. He really, really likes Ole Miss and wants a couple of more days to think it over."

As the guy Brent is turning to, Seigal gave him some advice.

"I told him to take some time to decompress, so to speak, from the visit and make sure he was not just euphoric from the newness of it," Seigal noted. "This is not his first rodeo, nor mine, but it's obvious Ole Miss did a great job with him and he liked what he saw."

Seigal said nothing is etched in stone, but as of this moment there are no more visits set.

"He's leaving that open, but I feel that unless a team that could compete for a national championship immediately wants him under center, the final three are Ole Miss, Wisconsin and North Carolina State," Coach Seigal stated. "We had heard Texas was interested, but nobody from there has contacted him or me. We sent them word that if they are interested, we need to know by Wednesday. Other than that, I think the three players are Ole Miss, Wisconsin and North Carolina State."

Seigal is in a tough spot, but he did assess the three schools a little for us.

"I don't want to put words in his mouth, but I think Brent knows that he will be 'the guy' at Ole Mis the next two years. I think Wisconsin is talking more about a plan to redshirt him next year then build around him the next two seasons. At NC State, they have a returning starter at QB, a young guy, so the competition will be stiffer," he explained. "I think Virginia Tech would have been a real player, but QB Coach Kevin Rogers, who I thought Brent would really fit well with, leaving there has eliminated them."

We asked Seigal about Brent's meeting with new Ole Miss OC Dan Werner.

"It went very well. He knows a lot about Miami football being from South Florida. He's familiar with 'The U' and what Coach Werner likes to do," Seigal said. "The pro-style offense is good for Brent if he is fortunate enough to get to the next level and Coach Werner's offense would be a training ground for his NFL aspirations. Coach Werner's history of successful QBs at Miami is also a factor."

He also offered this nugget of info.

"I will tell you this - Ole Miss has worked him harder than anyone else. They call me every day and send someone by here every week. They are working this deal as hard as they possibly can," he allowed.

It was reported earlier that Brent wanted to play in the SEC again. Seigal said that's a factor but not as big as it once was with Brent.

"The SEC is his first choice, but that notion has kind of taken a back seat. Geography is no longer a major thing with him. He just wants to go to the best place possible for him no matter the conference," said Seigal.

Seigal said he honestly does not know what Schaeffer is going to do, but the plan for the next few days is tenatively set.

"I suggested to him that unless something crazy happens in the next 24 hours or so that he have a press conference here (College of the Sequoias) and pull out a mini-helmet of the school of his choice. That is not set in concrete, but that's a tentative plan. I will know by tomorrow morning if that is a definite plan or not," Seigal closed. "As of right now, I do not know where he is going to school, honestly, but the three who are strongest in the picture have all done a great job with him."

* Thanks to Coach Andy Seigal for his patience and coorperation.

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