Andre Smith interested in Ole Miss?

Andre Smith (OL, Birmingham, AL) -'s #1 offensive line prospect in the country has begun to look Ole Miss' way once Coaches Werner and Kehoe came on board.

"I am taking a look at Ole Miss now. I want to see what it is like. I am mainly interested in Ole Miss because of Coach Kehoe and Werner," stated the matter of fact Andre Smith.

And what kind of relationship does Andre have with the two former Miami coaches?

"Real/real good. I really enjoy being around both of them. They both have unique coaching styles, and I really like both of them. That is what got me so interested in Miami, was those two. But when they left Miami, I scratched them off of my list. That is how highly I thought of them."

Has either coach been in contact with Andre since they were hired at Ole Miss?

"Coach Kehoe calls me all of the time, but I have not spoken with Coach Werner yet."

And what has Coach Kehoe said to Smith?

"He just asks if I would be interested in coming to Ole Miss. That is about it."

What has Coach Kehoe said about his new school, Ole Miss?

"He just said it is a great place and there are a lot of opportunities there. That is pretty much it. We are just in talks about setting up an official visit."

How serious is Andre about visiting Ole Miss?

"I am thinking about it. I am going to sit down and pray about it like I do with all of my visits."

Who else is under consideration for Andre's last official visit?

"Florida, Auburn, Florida State, and Ole Miss. It will come from one of those four schools."

Andre has already visited Alabama, Miami, and USC. He is scheduled to visit LSU this weekend. Does he have any inhome visits lined up this week?

"No, not yet, but I am sure some will eventually want to set something up."

What will be the main factors when it comes decision time?

"I want to be in a great FCA program. I also want to major in Business Management, so I want to make sure the school has a good business program. And lastly, I want to be able to get a long with the coaches. That is about it."

Does Smith have a leader yet?

"No, I do not. A lot of people have a hard time believing that, but I mean it. There is not one school who stands out over the other. That is what is making this so hard on me. I really do not have a clue yet."

Andre carries a 3.0 GPA and is waiting on his latest ACT test results.

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