"Baby Jay" ready to be a Rebel

John Jerry (OL, Hargrave, VI) - Scout.com's #16 nationally rated offensive line prospect took an official visit to Ole Miss this past weekend.

How did the visit go?

"It went great. I always have a good time when I am at Ole Miss. That is my home away from home," commented the always personable John Jerry.

It did not take long for "Baby Jay" to get to know his host.

"Oh, you know, Peria was my host. I guess you can say I already knew a thing or two about that guy (laugh)."

John was quick to point out that although he had been to Ole Miss on countless occasions, this trip stood out.

"It was a little better because I did not know they cared about the players like that. I did not know the coaches were that close to the players. They just have that bond. That special bond."

What stood out the most during the trip?

"I can not say really. I enjoyed everything. Like I said, that is my home away from home."

Did "Baby Jay" get to talk to the other recruits while he was on the trip?

"Oh yea (laugh), but seriously, we did not talk about football. We talked about other things. I mean, I hung out with Brent Schaeffer the whole time, but not one time did we talk about football. He might ask me some questions about Ole Miss, and I told him why I liked, but he has to do what is best for him. Brent has already been to college before, so he already knows. Everybody has to be their own man. They do not need anybody trying to force anything on them. I know I would not likeit if someone tried to force something on me."

What are John's thoughts on his current teammate, Keiland Williams?

"I do not know, man. That's my dog. I do not know what he is going to do."

Keiland visited USC this weekend; what are John's thoughts on USC and Keiland?

"When ever you get a two time champion recruiting you, they are going to stay in the mix. It will come down to the wire. Ole Miss is in it, but so is LSU and USC. I really do not know which direction he is leaning right now."

Did Jerry get a chance to talk with Ole Miss' new offensive line coach?

"Yea, I met Coach Kehoe. We had a good talk. He told me I am a 3rd round draft pick, and I will have to work my way up."

And how did his meeting with Coach Orgeron go?

"Oh, that's my boy, (Coach) "O". He is always so excited to see me. He told me how proud he was of me and Jerrell (Powe) for staying committed and staying strong the whole time. He said this class is going to be the future for Ole Miss."

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