Jerrell Powe talks about his official to OM

Jerrell Powe (DT, Hargrave, MS) - The 2005 Army All-American selection has stayed rock solid with his commitment to the University of Mississippi.

"I just want to represent my home state Ole Miss is the only school I ever considered in Mississippi. It's the flagship university. I just can not wait to get over this summer," commented the always personable Jerrell Powe.

And although the former Parade All-American had to take a U-turn to Hargrave this season, this has not stopped Powe from looking at the positives.

"Man, to be truthful, I probably was not ready for Ole Miss this year. Coach Prunty and just the whole staff here at Hargrave has helped me learn what it takes to become a man. I needed some more discipline before I left on my own, and I got it up here. I can not say enough to these people over here (at Hargrave). I owe a lot to them for changing my life around."

Current Ole Miss player, Peria Jerry, also had to go the Hargrave route after staring for South Panola. Guess who was Jerrell's host this past weekend at Ole Miss.

"Peria, he means a lot to me. When I found out that I was not going to qualify, I thought about going to a junior college or maybe even to Canada. But then John Jerry and I hit it off. He was in the same boat as me. He decided he was going to go to Hargrave. He called me up last summer and said lets room together. I was like, Virginia, no way, I want to be my mother. Then he got Peria on the phone, and he told me about his experiences at Hargrave. That got me to thinking that maybe I needed to go there. Peria and I kind of came from the same upbringing . He just kind of hit home with me, you know, telling me about how he needed more discipline and how much he got it at Hargrave. I really owe my decision to Peria."

Did Powe's official visit to Ole Miss this past weekend solidify his decision?

"Oh, I have been had my mind made up. I mean, I never questioned my decision from last year. I want even talk to anymore schools. My coaches ask me if I want to talk to so and so. I am like, man, I am going to be an Ole Miss Rebel. Tell them to not even waste their time."

How did this past weekend go with the other recruits?

"It went great. Everybody felt the love. We already had a bunch of us committed. Pretty much everybody who was not committed, said they were coming. Me and John (Jerry) were trying to take the laid back approach. We were not forcing anything on them. We just talked about why we liked Ole Miss so much, and pretty much told them to do what is best for them. But yea, I think everything went real smooth. I would be surprised if we do not get the uncommitted players."

Reports came out that Jerrell still had some work to do for the ACT test; are they true?

"First of all, I am proud to say that I made nothing lower than a "C" during my first semester. I only made two of them too, so it was pretty much all "A's" and "B's" for me. Our classes go year round here, so I am taking the same classes in the Spring. I am going to be fine with my books. That was part of the discipline I was talking about. I needed to be more disciplined in the classroom too, and Hargrave has taught me a lot of lessons about what to and what not to do in the classroom. As to my ACT test, I only need another point on it. I am taking it again in February. We work real hard in our preparations for the ACT test. We have workshops everyday for it. I will get that extra point. I am not even worried about it. I will get at least another point"

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