Rory Johnson reaffirms his commitment to OM

Rory Johnson (LB, Hinds CC, MS) - Mississippi's 2005 Juco Defensive Player of the Year took an official visit to Ole Miss this past weekend.We called to see how his visit went.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Rory Johnson:

How did your visit go? "I liked the visit. I loved it, really."

Did anyone accompany you? "My mom came with me."

How did she like Ole Miss? "I think she likes it better than me (laugh). She probably had more fun than me."

Who was your host? "Garry Pack. Me and Garry have been tight for two years, ever since we were on the Dandy Dozen team together. We actually went on the visit to Ole Miss together coming out of high school. He was staying in the next room at the hotel. We hung out all weekend, and we have been keeping in touch ever since. Garry is a cool cat."

Was the visit about what you were expecting, more or less? "It was about what I was expecting because I am a veteran of the recruiting thing. I liked it a lot though."

What stood out the most during your visit? "Just the people I met. I like the atmosphere at Ole Miss."

How did your meeting with Coach Orgeron go? "Great. We just talked about me coming up there and playing and getting my grades done so I can get up there this summer."

An article stated you were now at the Hinds CC branch in Union (MS); is this true? "No, I am still in Raymond at Hinds CC. I do not know where they got that information from."

Did the Ole Miss staff draw up a plan for you to get qualified? "Yea, but it is all up to me. I just have to do my work. It is pretty much all on me. I have 6 classes I have to take. I have this Spring and two summer sessions to get it done. I should be through at the end of the first (summer) session, so I can get up there in July. That is the plan, but again, nobody can do anything for me. It is all on me. I just have to get it done."

Did this visit reaffirm your commitment to Ole Miss? "Yea, I know I made the right decision with Ole Miss. I am not going on anymore officials (visits)."

Did you bond with any of the other recruits who were in for the weekend? "Yea, Brent Schaeffer and Timmy Bailey. We went everywhere together."

What was Timmy Bailey saying? "I think he likes it a lot. We both went to jucos, so we could relate. We are real tight now. I gave him my cell number, and he gave me his. We have already talked a few times since we got back."

Do you think Timmy is coming to Ole Miss? "Yea, I hope so because we are real tight now. We have been talking about rooming together if he comes. I know he is going to MSU this weekend, so."

What did Brent Schaeffer say? "I believe he liked it a lot too. He is a good QB, and he told me he wants to get back in the SEC, so."

Video of Rory (#44) out of high school

Video of Rory (#2) at Hinds CC

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