Reb coaches visit Brent Schaeffer

College of Sequoias' Coach Andy Siegal has been our link to information concerning the recruitment of QB Brent Schaeffer. Four Reb coaches were in Cally today. Siegal discussed the visit, briefly. Read about it inside.

Four Ole Miss coaches took off on a coast-to-coast recruiting odyssey today try to secure the services of College of Sequoias star QB Brent Schaeffer.

Last night, they flew in to Florida so they could meet bright and early with Schaeffer's parents. Then they flew immeidately to California to meet with Brent.

The coaches involved were Ed Orgeron, Dan Werner, Art Kehoe and Tony Hughes. (They will spend the night in Cally and fly back to Oxford tomorrow.)

According to Schaeffer's JUCO Coach, Andy Siegal, the visit with Brent was "very good."

"Brent said it went real well. When he came out of the meeting, he seemed very excited," Siegal noted. "He has not made a final decision yet, but the process is coming to a close."

Siegal said the next excruciating - for Ole Miss fans - 43 hours (Schaeffer will announce his decision at 3 p.m. Pacific time Friday) will go down as follows.

"Brent is not talking to anyone tonight. He's going to go home and relax and think and play some video games," Siegal said. "Tomorrow night, he's coming over to my house for some supper and we will call his parents from my house. He will make his final decision then.

"Friday, at 3 p.m., he will announce."

Siegal added some levity to the nerve-racking situation.

"I have three statements, but your readers may not find them funny. Brent will wear Red next year, Brent will play for a BCS school and Brent will play for a school whose head coach has a defensive background," he laughed.

Of course, the joke is that all three of Brent's finalists - Ole Miss, North Carolina State and Wisconsin - fill that criteria.

Siegal said he's been involved in some recruiting wars that were extremely tight through the years, including OL Atlas Herrion, who juggled five major powers for weeks before announcing late.

"Brent recruitment blows that away for being a battle between three excellent schools who have all done an excellent job," Siegal stated.

"Someone is going to be really happy Friday, but I honestly cannot tell you who."

The Ole Miss Spirit will have a local media rep who Brent is familiar with covering the press conference Friday.

As soon as Schaeffer says his school of choice, it will go up on our message board immediately.

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