Shay Hodge solidifies his commitment to OM

Shay Hodge (WR, Morton, MS) - One of Ole Miss' center pieces for their receiver class "firmed" up his commitment after visiting the Rebels over the weekend.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Shay Hodge:

How did your visit to Ole Miss go? "It went real good, very good. They have a good home feeling environment. It seems like the place to go."

Did anyone accompany you on your trip? "Yes sir, both of my parents came with me."

What did they think of Ole Miss? "They thought it was great too. They think it is a good home environment too."

Who was your host for the weekend? "Antonio Turner."

What were you looking for while you were on your trip? "I wanted to see how they treat you. How it was going to be if I went to school there. What the town was like and who else was coming."

How did they treat you? "Real good. It seems like it will be a family type deal. Everybody is together."

How was the town? "It was straight. We went out and saw a lot of people. They say it is not going to be that alive everyday, but I am not a party person anyway, so that is a good thing to me."

Who all did you find out is coming with you? "I talked to Markeith Summers. He is coming. Brent Schaeffer said he was coming, but I do not know yet if he will or not. Allen Walker is coming, but he did not make it in on Saturday. Something happened to his car. I do not know. Markeith told me something about it. Cordera was another guy that said he was 80% sure he was coming, but he did not really say much. Jerrell Powe, man, we just hit it off. I liked that dude. He is a real cool guy. We talked about rooming together. He is coming. And John Jerry, he told me he was coming."

Did this visit held solidify your decision? "Yes sir, I am signing with Ole Miss."

Are you taking anymore official visits? "No sir."

Your mother said that Tennessee had offered you a scholarship; when did this happen? "They offered me for basketball, but after I committed to Ole Miss, they laid off."

What all did you and coach Orgeron discuss during your meeting? "He told me how happy he was that I committed early and stuck with it. He said that this class is going to put Ole Miss on the map, and that I have a chance to get a lot of playing time as a freshman."

What is your current academic status? "I have a 2.5 Core GPA and a 2.9 Overall GPA. I scored a 17 on the ACT test."

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