Deuce clears the air

Former Rebel great Deuce McAllister, now an All-Pro RB with the New Orleans Saints, made a statement today about accusations of NCAA recruiting violations regarding impermissible contact with Meridian players. Read about it inside.

Fomer Rebel great Deuce McAllister wanted to set the record straight and "clear his name" regarding recent allegations of recruiting violations concerning contact made with Meridian prospects.

"I'm not stupid," said a calm McAllister. "I understand what you can and can't do in recruiting and I am in no way involved in recruiting for Ole Miss or any school."

The story is a long one, but the nuts and bolts are simple. Deuce was in Decatur, MS, watching a hoops game when he decided to drive to Meridian to see Meridian and Oak Grove square off in a AAAAA playoff game, which turned out to be a "barn burner."

"I was headed to the stands, but police officers and school officials told me to go to the track so I wouldn't get mobbed by fans," he said. "I was escorted to the track area around the field.

"I signed some autographs for some kids and took some pictures with some firemen, that kind of thing."

Fans from schools who compete with Ole Miss turned Deuce and Ole Miss in to the NCAA for rules violations. From there, rumors mushroomed about more incidents of contact and alleged limo rides with Deuce and Rebel prospects.

"The only contact I ever had with any Meridian players was a few spoke to me at halftime. It was just a 'hello.' I wasn't on the sidelines or on the field and I did not initiate anything nor discuss anything pertaining to Ole Miss or recruiting with any of them," he continued. "There were also allegations circulating that I was in the Meridian locker room after the game. None of that is true - I was already gone. That would be stupid. The limo rumor is ridiculous.

"Having been through the recruiting process as a player, I know the rules and there is no way I would be that dumb."

Ole Miss investigated the allegations.

"I just want to set the record straight. I love sports and attend high school games in Louisiana, Texas and Mississippi all the time," McAllister closed. "I love Ole Miss and want them to win in every game they play, but I would never intentionally break the rules for Ole Miss or anyone. My adult life isn't about what school a young person goes to. It's about young people getting an education, no matter which school they choose.

"The school I chose was Ole Miss and it was a perfect fit for me, but that was my choice. I would never get involved in trying to persuade a young person to do anything but get an education at the school they want to attend. Even if it was within the rules, I wouldn't do that. My only message to young people is to stay in school and get as much education as you can."

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