Dexter McCluster stays solid with Ole Miss

Dexter McCluster (Ath, Largo, FL) - The Orlando Sentinal's preseason #21 overall rated prospect from the state of Florida committed to Ole Miss last month after taking an official visit to the University of Mississippi.

Has the Largo product received any awards recently?

"Well, I was named MVP of the North/South Ocala All-Star game. Down here, I was named Player of the Year in Pinellas County, and I was named Player of the Year for Sun Coast," commented the excited Dexter McCluster.

Rumors went around last week that Dexter was wavering on his commitments and was headed to West Virginia for an official visit last weekend.

"No, I did not go on that visit. I canceled all of my official visits when I committed to Ole Miss. I did not think it was necessary to take anymore visits when I already knew what school I am going to."

When was the last time the Ole Miss coaching staff was in contact with Dexter?

"I just talked to Coach Lubick in my guidance councilors' office on Wednesday. I also got a chance to talk to Coach Orgeron on the phone."

What did each coach say to McCluster?

"Coach Lubick said he was going to be back down next week to check up on my grades, and he told me how much he looked forward to me being there next year. Coach Orgeron told me he has not had a lot of time to talk to me lately, but he said he was pumped about my decision. He also told me to keep working hard in the classroom."

What does McCluster have to do to become a full qualifier?

"I am taking night school four nights a week for two classes to get my GPA up to a 2.8, so it will match my SAT score. If I make two "A's", I am guaranteed to qualify. If I make two "B's", I still get in, but I still want to make two A's."

How solid is Dexter with his decision to sign with Ole Miss?

"I am done. I am 100% committed. I told my dad when I got back from my Ole Miss visit that I was through. I canceled all of my visits right then. My mind is not even on recruiting anymore. It is on getting myself prepared for the next level."

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