Schaeffer's news influence Duke Calhoun?

Duke Calhoun (WR, Memphis, TN) - Tennessee's top receiver just received word that Ole Miss landed 5 Star QB, Brent Schaeffer. Does this have any effect with Duke's decision?

"That is a big plus for Ole Miss. Coach Orgeron just called me and told me about it, " commented the excited Duke Calhoun.

How big of a factor will this be for Calhoun?

"He is as good of a QB as there is in the country. He can get the ball to me. Yea, it is a huge plus. Yea, real big."

Duke was in the dressing room getting ready for his high school basketball game where is currently averaging over 23 points a game.

Calhoun will leave after the game and head to Tennessee State for an official visit.

Duke carries a 4.0 GPA / 24 ACT.

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