Ricky Dixon is still undecided

Ricky Dixon (WR, New Orleans, LA) - Scout.com's #36 nationally rated receiver had an outstanding senior campaign. He was named District 6 (5A) MVP, 1st Team All-State, Parish, and he was named the Times Picayune's Offensive Player of the Year. When news hit the internet yesterday that Ricky Dixon committed to his home state school; Tiger fans rejoiced from bayou to bayou. But not so fast, says Ricky Dixon.

"I have not committed yet. I still have another day to really/really think it over and go from there. I will make up my mind for sure on Wednesday at a press conference," stated Ricky Dixon

What other schools are still under consideration?

"Ole Miss. I am still thinking about them pretty hard."

Would it be safe to say that the LSU Tigers are the team to beat?

"Kind of. I am leaning in that direction, but like I said, I still have time to think about it. Ole Miss is not out of it by any means."
What will Ricky look at when he is trying to make a decision between the two schools?

"Just where I feel the most comfortable. That is where LSU has an advantage because it is so close to home."

Does Ole Miss hold any advantages?

"Yes, playing time. I can play earlier at Ole Miss."

How big of a factor is this with Ricky?

"That's big. I am not saying I would not play at LSU, but the players they are bringing back and things like that, it will make it difficult for me to get much PT next year."

With less than 48 hours from the big announcement; which colleges will be giving their last minute sales speech?

"LSU is coming on Thursday, and Coach Wilson (Ole Miss) is coming by today."

Ricky carries a 2.5 Core GPA.

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