Ashton Henderson sets press conference

Ashton Henderson (CB, Tallahassee, FL) - Ashton has decided to end the official visit tour and will decide on Wednesday between Ole Miss, UCLA, and Michigan State.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Ashton Henderson:

How did your visit to Michigan State go over the weekend? "It went well, real well."

What new did you learn about MSU during your trip? "I learned a lot of things. I had to adjust to the weather. It is a way different climate than Florida. But once I got adjusted, it was fun."

How cold was it? "The thing about it. When it snows, it is not cold at all. But when it is not snowing, it is freezing. It was probably around 30 degrees during the trip. It was not that cold, but it was cold (laugh)."

Talk about your UCLA official visit. "It went very well too. It was very nice over there, very/very nice. I had a ball out there."

You told me before you went on your UCLA visit that you would probably just visit UCLA and then make a decision after your Bruins' trip; what made you change your mind? "My high school coach and I talked about it. I could get a three way comparison (between UCLA, Ole Miss, and Michigan State) if I visited all three schools. My coach told me to visit at least three schools to get a better idea, so that is what I did. I am done taking my visits now. I am not going to go to Ohio State this weekend. I am probably going to make a decision on Wednesday."

Will you have a press conference? "I think so. Late Wednesday afternoon I will probably have something at my school."

Which schools are still in the running? "UCLA, Ole Miss, and Michigan State."

The last time we spoke you were leaning pretty heavily towards Ole Miss; has the gap closed? "It is like this now. All three are in a dead lock. Today and tomorrow I will be talking to my parents a lot. Then on Wednesday, I will announce my choice, and it will all be over."

Do you have any inhome visits lined up? "Not yet, but I will probably know more about this when I go to school today."

What are going to be the main factors for you when it comes decision time? "Of course, education. Will I be happy with their football program? By that, I mean, how well do I fit in with their coaches and players. And lastly, where can I get on the field the quickest."

Which school will provide you the best education? "Really, I want to major in Business. All three have good business schools, but me and my parents are going to surf the web the next couple of days to find out who has the best business school. But really, they all have great business programs."

Which players and coaches do you fit in the best? "I am just being honest, Ole Miss. I fit in with Ole Miss' because when I went on my official visit, we just clicked. But that is not taking anything away from Michigan State or UCLA. I hit it off with their players and coaches too."

Which program gives you the best opportunity for early playing time? "I have to say Michigan State or Ole Miss."

Ashton carries a 3.67 Core GPA / 18 ACT.

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