Greg Hardy brings athleticism to the table

Greg Hardy (DE, Memphis, TN) - Memphis' top rated defensive end prospect committed to Ole Miss earlier this month.We called to see if Greg was still solid with his decision to attend the University of Mississippi next season.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Greg Hardy:

How long have you been playing varsity football? "All four years."

Which positions did you play during this time frame? "Well, my freshman and sophomore year, I went to Harding Academy. I played DE my freshman year. I played MLB my sophomore year. Then I transferred to Briarcrest in the middle of my sophomore year. I played OLB there my junior year, and then I moved back to DE this year"

What were your stats from this past season? "I do not know them. (We looked them up and Greg had 48 tackles, 16 tackles for losses, and 8 sacks.)"

Did you garner any awards? "I made All-American by Prep Magazine, and I was named 1st Team All-State at DE."

Did you play in any All-star games? "I was going to play in a few but I fractured the side of my foot right before they started. I did it playing basketball."

How long are you going to be out? "I should be back Tuesday."

What do you feel like you improved on the most this football season? "This year, I would say my quickness and my moves."

What do you need to work on the most for the next level? "My overall speed. I have the body, so just coming off of the edge. I need to get my speed up for the collegiate level."

Your body is at what right now? "I am 6' 6", 247."

What do you max out at right now? "My bench is at 260 and my squat is at 385."

Who were the main schools that were recruiting you before you decided on Ole Miss? "Of course Ole Miss, and then LSU, Tennessee, Arkansas State, and Louisville came on hard at the end. So did Alabama."

Who all offered you? "Ole Miss, LSU, Arkansas State, and Louisville. I do not think I stuck around for anymore to offer me before I committed."

Why did you choose Ole Miss? "They are going to give me a chance to play both sports (football and basketball) in the SEC. They are not that far away from home, but at the same time, it is not too close. And plus, I already knew some people there."

After you committed to Ole Miss; did you have anymore coaches continue to call and come to your school? "Yes sir, Alabama, LSU, MTSU, and Louisville have been by the school recently."

How recently? "The week before last."

Why did they stop coming? "I told them I am going to Ole Miss."

When was the last time you were in contact with someone from the Ole Miss staff? "I saw Coach Freeze just the other day."

What did he say? "He was just telling me it was a good place to be, and he wanted to make sure I was staying on top of my grades."

What is your current academic status? "I have a 2.0 GPA and a 19 on the ACT."

Has Ole Miss discussed the position they want you to play? "They want me as an athlete. I am going in as a defensive end, but they might put me in at another position on offense."

What is your preference? "Personally, I like wide receiver."

Did it make it any easier on you having some other players from Memphis already committed to Ole Miss? "Yea, it really did. I have known Cecil Frison and Cassius Vaughan and LaDerrick Vaughn for a while now. Yes sir, it really did."

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