Coach Werner will see Michael Herrick today

Michael Herrick (QB, Valencia, CA) - Can you think of a better senior season than becoming California's All-time leading passer?

How about becoming the 12th All-time passer in the country? And get this, Michael only played three years, not four, as ten of the players ahead of him did.

And to top it all off, you get to sign a scholarship with an SEC program and play for your favorite coach (Ed Orgeron) and the offensive coordinator you always dreamed to play for (Dan Werner).

Life is pretty good around the Herrick household.

The following information revealed during our interview with Michael Herrick's father, Greg Herrick:

What were Michael's season ending stats from his senior campaign? "He passed for 3,700 yards and 21 TD's. He also rushed for 11 TD's and had a completion percentage of 64%. The team went 9-4 and reached the Semifinals in D11. Out here, they say D11 is stronger than D1. Across the board, I think D11 was stronger this year."

Did he garner any awards? "He was the starter for the CA/FL All-Star game, or should I say the "Mud Bowl". Gosh, was that game a mess or what? Prep Nations named him to their All-America squad. There were only 101 players selected and 5 from CA. (side note - the two Mississippians selected were Cordera Eason and Chris Strong). Student Sports named him All-American for his 10th and 11th grade seasons, being a 3 Time All-American is special for him. He was also the only QB named to the All-State Team by Cal High sports. He became the All-Time leading passer in California history with 11,003 yards. He was the first person from California to pass for over 10,000 yards and he reached 11,000 yards. Michael also ranked 12th nationally. Out of the Top 15 passers, only two of them played three years, the others played four. There is no telling how many yards Michael would have passed for if he would have played that fourth season. Michael also owns all 12 school records at Valencia High ."

You told us the last time we spoke that Michael needed to put on some weight; what does he currently weigh? "He has put on 5 solid pounds since the season was over. He is about 172 right now and right at 6' 1 1/2". Michael is already with a trainer, and he has been working out daily. I can already tell a difference. He looks good, still has a ways to go, but he is getting there. Once he gets in Ole Miss' weight program, they should have no problems getting him to where he needs to be."

Has Michael had a chance to meet Coach Werner? "He is coming by today, as a matter of fact. I have to be here. That is what I was told by my wife (laugh)."

What are Michael's thoughts on Coach Werner? "There was a misconception about Michael's commitment to Ole Miss. He had a chance to go early (in January), although he was going to have to take some intercession courses, but the misconception was that he was stalling because other schools were trying to get involved. The bottom line was that we wanted to know which direction Ole Miss was going to go in with their offensive coordinator. We heard the offensive coordinator from Virginia Tech was at the top of the list. He has a running offense. Michael is a passing quarterback. That simply was not going to be the right fit. Now Michael loves Coach Orgeron; there is no question about that. But like I told him, the offensive coordinator is going to be like a daddy to him. That is going to be the coach he is in meetings with all day every day, not Coach Orgeron. Coach Orgeron came out last month to give us an update on where they stood. We told him about our concerns and he replied, 'don't you trust me.' I told him I I do not even trust myself (laugh). Heck, this is a business, and I know how all of this stuff goes. But then he hires Coach Werner. You have to understand, Michael has Miami jersey's hanging from his wall. We know Miami inside out. We were just so excited to learn they hired Coach Werner. Coach Orgeron ended up hitting all of the promises he promised us since last summer. We think Werner is going to fit Michael perfectly. Michael is a lot like Brock Berlin. They are both about the same size and both have strong arms. We think Werner is the best in the business. Everything could not be any better for us. Michael will be there in June. Everything is full speed ahead. He will be bigger down there, and I think everybody will be pleasantly pleased when they see him. He has been training really hard. He is looking forward to competing against Brent Schaeffer. Somebody asked me if we were disappointed that Ole Miss committed Brent, and I said, are you crazy? Brent has SEC experience. That is what makes Michael so special, besides his arm, is his preparation skills. We are good friends with the Clauson family, so we know all about Brent Schaeffer. This is a guy that has already started in the SEC. Michael is going to be picking Brent's brain all day every day. I can assure you of that. He was ecstatic when Brent announced for Ole Miss. He knew it would give him a chance to learn from an experienced SEC QB. We could not be any happier with how all of this panned out."

Has your family kept up with Ole Miss' recruiting class? "I do color radio for Valencia's basketball games. Somebody came up to me the other night and asked me about Ole Miss' class. I told him it depended on which service you used, I know you guys (scout) have them ranked at #10 and the other one (Rivals) has them at 12th, but like I told them, they are ahead of the Michigan's and UCLA's of the world. See, we already knew Coach Orgeron was going to do this at Ole Miss. We followed him when he was at Miami and USC. We knew all along he was going to bring in the big boys at Ole Miss. We are just tickled pink that we are on board."

Michael carries a 3.78 Core GPA and a 28 on the ACT.

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