Jonathan Cornell talks about his goals at OM

Jonathan Cornell (LB, La Puente, CA) -'s #23 nationally rated linebacker shocked the nation when he choose Ole Miss over USC, UCLA, and Oregon.

"Yea, everyone around here was shocked. They all figured I would go to (U)SC," commented the very well spoken Jonathan Cornell.

Why Ole Miss?

"Because I looked at it like this, the players are going to take the character of their head coach. I liked Coach Orgeron's personality more than anybody else. He is real intense. One that will get on your butt. That is what I like. That is the way it is over here at Bishop. It just seemed like the perfect for me."

Who came in second for Cornell's services?

"(U)SC. They were number two and then UCLA was number three."

Now that the recruiting season has ended, what did Cornell think of his senior campaign?

"It was bitter sweet. We won our game against St. Paul. They are a huge rival of ours, but then we lost to Valencia. That is where that Ole Miss QB commitment (Michael Herrick) goes. I really thought their QB was the best one I had faced in my four years here. He was so accurate. But even at that, we should have won that game. That is the way our season went. We beat all of our rivals, but kept losing to the teams we should have beaten. We did not take care of business, and it cost us the playoffs. That is why I said the season was bitter sweet. We beat all of our rivals, but then we kept losing to the teams we were favorite to beat."

Jonathan's junior season he had 118 tackles and 5sacks. What did he do his senior campaign?

"I had 138 tackles, 3 sacks, and 13 rushing TD's at tailback."

And did he garner any awards?

"I was named Region MVP, Serra MVP, and I was our Team's Defensive MVP. Jonathan also participated in the CA/FL All-Star classic.

When does Cornell expect to enroll at Ole Miss?

"I plan on going to both summer sessions at Ole Miss. Those are the plans right now."

But in order for Jonathan to enroll at Ole Miss, he still needs to work on his academics.

"I have a 2.3 GPA and an 850 on the SAT. With my current GPA, I need an 880 on the SAT test. But, I plan to get my GPA higher, so I will not need as much. I will be fine. I started off slow in high school. I learned my lesson. I should have everything in order in the next month or two. I am retaking the SAT in a couple of weeks, and I am also going to start taking the ACT test just in case. If I have to, I will take some night classes to pull up my GPA. I meet every Wednesday with our Vice Principle. She is helping me get everything in order. I will be fine."

When Cornell arrives at Ole Miss; what will he bring to the table?

"As far as athletics, I will bring a hard work ethic and the rest follows in place after hard work. Proper preparation prevents poor performances. Those are the 5 "p's." If you work hard, prepare well, you will not have a poor performance."

And just what will Jonathan have to work on from now until two a days start to prepare for the SEC level?

"I better gain some weight but still maintain my speed. It can not be fat. It has to be muscle. That is the key. I have already started taking marshal arts classes to maintain my balance."

Jonathan stated that he is currently 6' 1.5 ", 212. He ran a 4.54 at the combine last summer.

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