Marcus Green arrives at Ole Miss

After sitting out a semester to get his acaedmics in order, speedster Marcus Green is enrolled at Ole Miss and is preparing to leave his mark on Rebel football. He will sign with the Rebs tomorrow. Read about it inside.

Marcus Green signed with Ole Miss in February of 2005 after rushing for over 4,000 yards, scoring an amazing 98 TDs and being named AAAA Player of the Year in Louisiana his senior season.

But the Batrop, LA, scatback's train to collegiate fame was derailed when it was learned he did not make a qualifying ACT score and could not report to summer camp with the Rebels.

"That was a tough time. I only had one choice - to buckle down and study to make sure I passed the ACT," said Marcus, a polite 19-year old. "I needed 17.5 to qualify. I studied all summer and first semester of this school year and ended up making a 19. That was the happiest day of my athletic career. I was headed to Ole Miss and couldn't get here quickly enough."

Marcus, whose nickname is "Marshay," says he has some regrets for not taking care of his business last year, but he's trying to take a positive approach to his situation.

"There are two ways to look at everything. I will always regret not studying and doing what I needed to do before, but now I can look at my situation in a different light," he continued. "I'll have an extra spring of eligibility, I can use the time to get stronger in the weight room and get acclimated in the classroom on the college level, and I will be a 19-year old freshman. In the end, this may be the best thing that ever happened to me."

Marcus is currently in the offseason program, which he deems critical for his development.

"I'm only about 170 pounds right now," said Green, who stands 5-10. "I need to be 180 or 185 when the season rolls around. The offseason program will help me get there.

"It (offseason program) is very tough. Coach (Aaron) Ausmus runs a tough weight room, but I can already feel myself getting stronger and putting on good muscle weight. We are focusing on me getting bigger and still maintaining my speed and quickness."

For Marcus, speed is the name of the game. He's been timed in the 4.4 range in the 40 and relies on that and excellent quickness when he's on the football field dodging would-be tacklers.

"When you are my size, you better be fast and quick," he smiled broadly. "I'm not going to run over anyone. I have to make them miss and that's what I do best."

Coach Ed Orgeron has already had a sit-down with Marcus and outlined his plans for the all-purpose player.

"Coach O told me I will be given a shot to return punts and kickoffs, I will play some wide receiver and I may even get to play some tailback in certain situations. I think those plans fit my skills," he noted. "If the coaches can get me in the open field with a little room to operate, I can make things happen.

"I have good hands and I believe I can help in a lot of areas. Where I will need the most work is in the blocking game. I haven't had to do much of that in my career, but everyone has to chip in on this level."

Marcus feels "at home" in the Rebel program and is quickly making lasting friends.

"Jamarca Sanford, Gary Riggs and several others have kind of taken me under their wing," he closed. "I feel very comfortable at Ole Miss. It's all here for me to succeed. It will be up to me. I learned my lesson on what it takes academically and I will apply that lesson to the football field.

"It all comes down to one thing - effort."

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