Keiland Williams still undecided

Keiland Williams told us yesterday that he wanted to sleep on the decision of which college he wants to attend the next four or five years. After a good night's slumber, he still hasn't decided which school will gain his services. Read about it inside.

The Keiland Williams drama continues.

After a lot of indecision and contemplation all day yesterday and into the night, Keiland still has not decided which university he wants to attend and will probably not sign today either.

"I just don't want to rush into anything," he said early this morning as he was headed off to class at Hargrave. "This is as big as any decision I have ever had and I have to make sure in my mind I'm making the right one."

He said all three schools "courting" him are still "very much in the picture."

"I like all three schools I've narrowed it to - Ole Miss, LSU and USC," he said. "There are just so many things I have to weigh. This is very tough. I heard a lot of people are saying I have narrowed it down to two or are predicting I'm going one way or the other. They are wrong."

Keiland's plans for today are classes until noon, academic support after lunch and then an afternoon session of athletics.

"I'm going to talk more to my coaches here during athletics," Keiland said. "After that, I'm sure I will call the coaches recruiting me at each school and my Mom and some close friends.

"I am not trying to cause anyone any stress, I'm just trying to decide what is best for me and right now I just do not know. As of this minute, I will not sign today. That could change, but I doubt it."

(We set up this early morning interview with Keiland yesterday and contacted him 15 minutes before he was headed to class.)

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